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Delivered From Wrath To Come :: By Grant Phillips

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  • Delivered From Wrath To Come :: By Grant Phillips

    If you are still wondering if the Church will go through the Tribulation (although I donít know why), keep in mind that Jesus is coming as a bridegroom for His bride at the Rapture. Ask yourself, and be honest, from everything the Bible says about Jesus, would He ever pour out wrath upon those who He died to save, His bride? Why would He take our punishment from the Law if He were going to allow us to suffer punishment by the Law anyway?

    Only the children of disobedience will suffer His wrath. That is the way it has always been throughout the Bible, and that is exactly how it will all end. I praise God that Jesus took my stripes, and that by His stripes I am healed. I will never worry about His wrath, but instead enjoy His love and many promises.
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    This is so comforting and it makes perfect sense!