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Who Was Tertius From Romans 16:22?

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  • Who Was Tertius From Romans 16:22?

    Who was the Tertius mentioned in Romans 16:22? Some input please. Was this another name for Paul, the apostle?

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    It's my understanding Tertius was a sort of secretary for Paul. He wrote down what Paul directed him to. Sort of a scribe.


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      using my Esword....

      Barnes commentary:

      Rom 16:22
      I Tertius - Of Tertius nothing more is known than is mentioned here.
      Who wrote this - It is evident that Paul employed an amanuensis to write this Epistle, and perhaps he commonly did it. Tertius, who thus wrote it, joins with the apostle in affectionate salutations to the brethren at Rome. To the Epistle, Paul signed his own name, and added a salutation in his own hand-writing.
      Col_4:18, "The salutation by the hand of me Paul;" and in 2Th_3:17, he says that this was done in every epistle, 1Co_16:21.

      From John Gill's commentary:

      Rom 16:22 I Tertius, who wrote this epistle,.... This name is a Latin one, and perhaps the person might be a Roman, for the names Secundus, Tertius, Quartus, Quintus, &c. were common with the Romans; unless it may be thought, as it is by some, that this man was the same with Silas, who was a constant companion of the apostle; and the Hebrew word שלש is the same as Tertius; he also is numbered among the seventy disciples, and said to be bishop of Iconium; See Gill on Luk_10:1. Whosoever he was, it is certain he was an amanuensis of the apostle, who wrote this letter, either from the apostle's notes, or from his mouth.


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        Thanks very much Gabby and Icebear!


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          Wow!I didn't even realize he existed!It seemed like there were also others who were scribes for Paul,which has always made me wonder if maybe Paul still had something wrong with his eyes?Like from when Jesus temporarily blinded him on the road to Damascus and this could have been his "thorn in the flesh",because that would have been "very frustrating" for him not to be able to write given all the revelation he was receiving.Just speculation on my part.....