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Desire for her husband; Genesis 3:16

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    Hi Watcher, Thank you for your response.
    Just to be a bit more clear, no, I wasn't referring to any type of "covering" concept, but more in reference to what I had bolded, where it says, "they took him unto them" opposed to them (or even just Priscilla herself, if she was indeed the primary speaker as was suggested) pointing out "the way of God more perfectly" in the setting of the synagogue in the presence of others/publicly. By "properly," I merely meant "in a respectful manner," careful to maintain respect. Does that make sense?
    Glad to hear your thoughts on this subject. Thanks for sharing.


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      I apologize, acceptedintheBeloved, I misunderstood your comment. Thanks for clearing that up! Yes, I agree about always trying to maintain respect one for another.


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        Hi triedbyfire, I thought I'd revisit your initial post #1 and another subject which you brought up:

        "It's connected to the first part which is pain in childbirth but there is an obvious transition between the two making it a condition to the first part (childbirth pain) not an additional curse".

        I think you're on to something here. I believe this is what Paul is talking about in 1 Timothy 2:15, where his literal words are "through THE childbearing". Childbearing here is a singular noun, not a verb.

        The woman's struggle between desiring/turning toward the man and his love more than God is only meant to be a temporary thing, not life-long. It is connected to the childbearing "years". In other words, Paul isn't talking about giving birth, per se, but about that whole 40 year or so period of time in a woman's life.
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