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eSword - The sword of the LORD

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    I love eSword and have used it for years. But the newer version left all of my previously loved (and annotated) notes studies behind. Even my NASB and purchased additions didn't work. I was going to have to start from scratch.

    So I went back to a version a few years old and reinstalled from a CD I had burned for backup purposes.

    Sooner or later I will have to update to something more 21st Century. But I hold fast to the older versions


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      Thanks very much for these links. I'll add them to my favourites.
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        I use Biblegateway and Biblos for my research etc.

        Biblos.coms one has the several paralle translations on top so you can veiw several versions at once, in addition on the bottom is the commentaries along with cross references on the side an a lot more. =

        I also use



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          Bible software opinions as of Dec. 2012?

          Thanks to everyone who posted over the past 3 years about your favorite software programs. Many of the programs have been updated since the user recommendations were written, so I was wondering if we could get some updated reviews.

          One question I have is about eSword. One of the commenters said that after a software upgrade a year or so ago, all her personal notes and study aids that she had attached were now gone. Has anyone else upgraded to the newest version recently and if so, has this problem been fixed?

          Do any of the software packages have tablet versions that will sync with your PC/laptop? Or is there "cloud" functionality? (I'm wondering about having a tablet to use at church, but would want the tablet to have my notes from my laptop and be able to add the new notes to my laptop.) Or are these functions only available with the really expensive software? (Yeah, I looked at the pricey software long enough to decide that since I can't afford it, I'd rather not look at the features and fall in love with it!)


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            I love using eSword. I love how you can copy scripture straight into your study notes. You can even format how the scripture will look. There are hundreds of extras you can get from Bibles to commentaries to concordances to Christian history to dictionaries; almost anything you need.
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              I used e-sword for a number of years, both on PC and PDA. I found it useful within its limitations. I might still use it if it ran on my Android Tablet. I do think those who use e-sword software do well to send a financial gift to Rick Myers who created e-sword. Those who do will get a CD from Rick with the latest product and other helpful plug-ins.

              I have also used other software tools for Bible Study. Some gave me better success than others. All had disappointments for me.

              More recently I've been using Bible Works 10 which is principally geared to exegetical Bible study. It's expensive, but I've found no disappointing limitations with it. Bible Works has an impressively powerful feature rich tool set especially geared for serious exegetical Bible study. It's best if Bible Works users have taken some formal training in Biblical languages. The basic package comes with a lot of versions and texts. But a considerable library of scholarly books is available formatted for use with Bible Works for additional costs.

              I don't buy many add-on digital books for Bible Study software. When the software changes, one can experience much frustration. I learned this with Logos. Instead I chose to buy whatever study aids I require as physical hardcover books. That way whether the computer crashes or the software goes tilt, I can still use paper, pen and look stuff up in books the old way.