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Tech Tats, Another step towards Mark of the Beast??

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  • Tech Tats, Another step towards Mark of the Beast??

    You can see all you need to know about this new technology here:
    They are called Tech Tats.
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    Those would be so easy to slice right off with a filet knife...
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      This is meant to be a temporary device, adhering to your skin, and he even says temporary at 1:29 into the video, but the reason I say it is another of the (more than) thousand steps towards the mark of the Beast is that it could be place inside the skin, rather than on top of it. And a technology like Bluetooth could allow it to interface with the rest of the Beast's Network.


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        Very scary!!!
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          Judging by some of the YouTube comments, people are waking up to the fact this could be the same technology of MOTB. No way am I having anything like that implanted in or on me! And since this video was uploaded in November 2015, I wonder how much progress was made in those almost 2 years? Great way to be tracked by Big Brother. If this technology is here now or will soon be, we must not have a lot of time left.