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Wow take a look at this so beautiful!!

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    Originally posted by Valerie View Post
    Thou art worthy, O Lord, to receive glory and honour and power: for thou hast created all things, and for thy pleasure they are and were created.

    Even in a lost and fallen world, His handiwork and His glory are on display every single day!


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      Originally posted by regionsteve View Post
      Wow! It is amazing what God has created, and I have a feeling when we get to heaven, He will be able to show us things that will be mind-boggling!
      Funny you should say that..

      I was thinking about this the other night...
      After Jesus raptures us I was thinking how amazing it would be ( if we could) be allowed to visit (lack of better wording) all the things we want to see in the skys...
      It was a thought but I fell alseep so peacefully thinking about Jesus holding my hand while I get to see the beautiful creations of Gods handywork
      The I want to see it all hehe.

      /happy smiles...


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        Originally posted by funmudder View Post
        Real pretty

        Funny, you read down the article and they are trying to link this to global warming
        What a GORGEOUS pic. Thank you so much for sharing And I have a feeling they will never give up on the global warming. The rapture will probably be linked to global warming which caused aliens to abduct us or something


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            I've been a lifelong fan of astronomy and would love to see such things as noctilucent clouds and the auroras in person. Too bad they can only be seen in the far north.

            If you like such sights, I highly recommend It's an astronomy Web site that is updated daily and often features some very pretty pictures of natural phenomena. You can also log on to find out when the International Space Station will fly over your hometown. (I've seen it. It's quite bright even in the middle of town.)


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              Take away sin from earth and I bet the colors we see now will be different...sharper, brighter/brilliant...breathtaking..colors in heaven will be indescribable and I can't wait to be awestruck!


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