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Is God mocking Al Gore's climate boys?

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    I thought this picture was priceless...poor kittys look cold..


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      Aww! That's so cute! A family of lions! Where is this picture taken at?


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        Originally posted by Metacom View Post
        Has anyone else noticed that almost every time there is a big global warming "summit" that God seems to be mocking the lefties with extream winter weather? I noticed this long before the current Copenhagen cap & tax summit, but here we are again...Copenhagen is having a blizzard at exactly the same time as this fiasco is going on.

        I heard on the radio that it hasn't snowed in Copenhagen for 14 years but I haven't been able to confirm that. If that were the case, I'd love to know for sure, as that would be pretty undeniably God.

        Whether it's snowed in Copenhagen for the last 14 years or not, I do believe God is mocking Al Gore and the whole "climate change" religion, and I love it.
        Agreed. And I love it.