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Social Security Numbering System Vulnerable to Fraud, Experts Say

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    That is why I was asking Littlesmom about what she said~

    "That is the reason I do not give out the last 4 digits of my SS#"

    I'd like never having to give it out.but it 's just not possible in todays world.
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      Originally posted by RosettaLuv View Post
      Well, when you think about it, there was always a flaw to the Social Security number system to begin with. Placing one's identity on a number isn't all that of a smart idea. A number can be easily copied and manipulated, while our DNA, the source of our physical identity at least, is more reliable, complex and can't be copied. It's sad how we identify our very beings through systems and databases as if computer files instead of on our person and spirit.
      even DNA is frabicatable... is that a word ?

      Scientists: DNA Evidence Can Be Fabricated