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World View: Italy’s ‘Populist’ Government Collapses, Threatening Eurozone Exit

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  • World View: Italy’s ‘Populist’ Government Collapses, Threatening Eurozone Exit

    Last week, we reported on the formation of a ‘populist’ coalition between the left-wing Five Star Movement (M5S), led by Luigi Di Maio, and the right-wing La Liga (The (Northern) League), led by Matteo Salvini.

    Although the two parties differ on many issues, and distrust each other greatly, they decided to form a coalition based on their shared anti-Euro, anti-EU, and anti-immigrant policies, and particularly on the fact that they have no fiscal discipline whatsoever.

    Di Maio and Salvini chose Giuseppe Conte, an obscure law professor with no political experience, to serve as prime minister, to be confirmed by the parliament.

    But they also chose Paolo Savona to be finance minister, someone who at one time in the past raised objections to Italy joining the eurozone. Following constitutional procedure, Conte submitted Savona’s name to Italy’s president, Sergio Mattarella. Mattarella, who is staunchly pro-Europe, vetoed the choice of Savona, based on his previous statements about the eurozone, even though he says that he no longer believes them. Conte resigned, and the entire proposed government collapsed.

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    Anyone have any insight into what is going on in Italy and how it might relate to end times prophecy?


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      I have no idea........... but, it was once the center of the Roman Empire (Rome). It was definitely of importance politically and militarily in Israel during the time of Jesus. ?????