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What will martial law be like?

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    Originally posted by Compatriot G View Post
    I would advise that an individual NOT shoot an intruder in the foot, then drive them to the hospital. You could very easily be charged with a crime. Use of deadly force is a serious matter. Once you shoot somebody, leave them alone and call 911. Let the EMS personnel take care of their injuries. If you render aid, it may be perceived that use of deadly force wasn't justified in this case. I know it sounds harsh and unchristian, but if you feel deadly force is justifiable, then you need to aim center mass and keep firing until the person stops doing whatever it was that caused you to shoot them in the first place.
    Oh... ok. Thank you! *edit* sratch that, yeah, its much better to just call 911 and let them handle it.

    I see what you mean though, I kinda just threw that example out, sry. Because if you shot a man holding a gun in the foot he'd probably just shoot you, or if he had a knife hobble over and stab you.

    Sry bout that guys, bad example

    blehh, hopefully we never have to be in these situations! But its something that could happen even today


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      I think if we look at the situation today we can see where we are headed. There are cameras everywhere. The world is in economic meltdown. This would be a perfect time to make moves to make us a cashless society. We already have RFID and I am sure are further along in finding ways to use that as control then we know of. We have a huge population throughout the country that are ex convicts or people who have made mistakes and will not have a chance to rebuild their lives because that information is available to any employer, landlord etc.

      I know a man that I worked with for 15 years he was the maintainance man for our company. I often thought of how talented he was, as well as honest. This man not only took care of our buildings but built our CEO's house. I saw him several years ago and he told me that since our company had been sold he was unable to find employment. He confided that he had gotten in trouble in his late teens spent time in jail and was now online in our state as an ex con. I couldn't believe that (since this was in the late 60's before computers) sure enough not only was he there, but I looked up a Brother of a friend I knew had died in prison in the 70's and sure enough he too was on the same state site. The reason I bring this up is there is a whole population out there that cannot find a job in good times, they can't find a place to live, etc because of background checks. Now when you can't find a job, can't find a place to live what are you gonna do? I believe that we will find ourselves in real danger as a result. People won't be knocking on your door looking for work or food. They will come and take what they please.

      I lived in Detroit during the riots of "67". I saw first hand what martial law was like. My Father was one of 5 men who worked for police and fire communications. He was driven around for days in an open jeep surrounded by armed National Guard, in caravan style. There were curfews etc. That was then but this is now the tactics would be much different.

      I do not believe in gun control. I believe we should have a way to defend ourselves as well as hunt for food.

      I am Christian however I have heard many who are not, lately expressing their conern about "the social climate" there is a feeling of evil that is palpable. There are few morals, and ethics today from the bottom of the food chain to the top.

      Yes I believe there will be martial law. I believe we will see social unrest because we live in a country that does not believe that with every right there is responibility. There is a feeling of entitlement.