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Psalm 83 War & Fall of Damascus

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    Is Psalm 83 the next War on the Prophetic Timeline? *Merged*

    Hi all,

    Not sure if this has been posted before, but here is a beautiful (although a bit outdated) flash video of Psalm 83 - A Prayer for Israel.

    There is sound included in the file. Enjoy!


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      Thanks for the video..


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        Wow, very nice. Thank you for sharing.
        Thank you, God, for my salvation!


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          Well done video! Thanks for sharing.


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            Awesome video.


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              Do you have an url for this picture and write up... would sure like it if you do as want to send this to a friend... Thanks...
              1 John 4 : 4
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                there is metals that will burn,magnesium is one of them and it burns very intensely.i imagine there is a material they make fighter planes and other things that Israel will burn or use for fuel.i forgot what material the fighter planes and tanks where made out of but it was discovered during the Gulf war that some parts can actually burn.the Weapons Iraq used were supplied by for thought anyway.
                In God I Trust


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                  Psalm 83

                  I have been listening to a couple different bible prophecy teachers and they seem to think for israel to be living securely in there land that the Psalm 83 war will happen. That is when Isael defeats it's arab neighbors. Then she thinks she is safe....thats when Russia becomes the big bear..and decides to flood into Israel. They have been saying that Psalm 83 has not been fulfilled and Israel is not dwelling safely yet. Please read Psalm 83 and tell me what you think.


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                    An attack on irans nuke plants, retaliation by hezbollah,hamas, Psalm 83 ends with Isaiah 17. Peace and safety Ezekiel 38.


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                      Yes, that's what I was hearing as I was studying and hearing yesterday. I had never heard this before. Thank you for the clarification.


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                        Just an opinion that does seem to fit with the world today sis.


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                          Grant Jeffrey observes that "unwalled villages" is to be taken in a litteral sense. That it does not mean false sense of security but rather in Ezekials time almost no village was without walls.


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                            Originally posted by rjmamula View Post
                            Grant Jeffrey observes that "unwalled villages" is to be taken in a litteral sense. That it does not mean false sense of security but rather in Ezekials time almost no village was without walls.

                            Isreal currently has some security walls built.. That means the walls must come down. In todays age, a security wall really isnt much security with rockets and bulldozers. But Ezekial predicted this accuratly 2500 years ago that there would be walls to be taken down....


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                              My position on Isaiah 17/Psalm 83/Ezekiel 38,39

                              I have read many thoughts on this board and elsewhere in regard to the above prophetic wars. Most views have merit and have their strong and weak points. With that said here are my observations.

                              Some contend that Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 will precede and be the provocation of Ezekiel 38 & 39. This school of thought points out that Israel's neighboring countries that are mentioned in Psalm 83 are not listed among the countries of the Gog & Magog coalition of Ezekiel. However, the list in Ezekiel contains some very key words: "and many others." Could it be that these other countries are the ones listed in Psalm 83 and that the two wars are one and the same?

                              Some contend that the destruction of the countries in Psalm 83 is a victory of the Israeli army, while the defeat of the Gog & Magog coalition is entirely the work of God without any involvement of the Israeli army. Having read Psalm 83 to try to verify that, I have found no mention of the Israeli army in the psalm. In fact, the author of the author of the Psalm calls upon "God" to defeat them and blow them away. In both passages, the enemy has the same goal: to end Israel's existence as a nation.

                              Now for Isaiah 17. This passage says that all of Damascus and most of the rest of Syria will be destroyed and that Israel will be crippled. Reading further, it says that afterward Israel will return to The Lord. That is just what Ezekiel says will happen after the Gog & Magog war. Could all three of these prophecies be part of the same war?

                              I have read material by prophecy experts (i.e. Grant Jeffrey, John Hagee) in regard to the Gog and Magog war which makes no mention of Isaiah 17 or Psalm 83 being the provocation of this war. Of course, these authors are fallible and I disagree with them on a variety of points.

                              Will Isaiah 17/Psalm 83 be necessary to provoke the Gog & Magog war? Well with the way things are shaping up little is needed to provoke the Gog & Magog war beyond an Israeli strike on Iran, which at this point seems inevadible.

                              As I am fallible, I acknowledge I could be wrong. I adhere to the advice to read the Bible without any outside influence on what it is suppose to say. Equally important to knowing what the Bible says is knowing what it does not say. I welcome your thoughts on this.


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                                Personally, and I am not an authority and definitely fallible.

                                I have been a fence sitter on the Is 17 passage being a pretrib/pre Gog/Magog event.

                                Ps 83, I just don't think we can be dogmatic on this and much of the Ps83 prophecies are a recent teaching that gained popularity after a Bible was found opened to this passage in this decade.

                                Looking at verses that precede and follow a section often give more insight and clues. Psalm 83 is preceeded by Ps 82 which parallels with Ps 2 and 58 when God calls the world leaders together and issues his judgment against man's rebellion and complete lack of a moral compass. This Psalm looks forward to God ushering His Kingdom and righteousness. So it would seem that Ps 83 is part of what brings about that Kingdom.

                                Ps 83 is an imprecatory Psalm, a prayer for judgment, which could be a clue to it being an event after the Age of Grace is over. That could still be pretrib if the rapture precedes the trib by any amount of time. Remember, "we" are not called to pray for judgment in this age, imprecatory prayers....but we are to pray for our enemies and for people to repent.

                                2 Chron. 20 is the chapter that speaks of an event that parallels this Psalm, but it can't be the fulfillment of it because the Kingdom is not established yet, there must be a future fulfillment. Also, in Judges 6-8 are the chapters that speak of the time when the Midianites were destroyed and Barak and Deborah defeated Jabin in Judges 4. Again though, there must be a future fulfillment too.

                                The Psalm ends with "that they may know that You alone are God"...this too seems to imply the time of "revelation".

                                Ps 84 and 85 are looking towards salvation and restoration and the MK. Ps 83 is sandwiched between all of these, so it could be a clue to "timing" but the only "timing clue" I find is that it might be after the rapture since the Psalm is imprecatory, like I said...not something prayed for during the Age of Grace.