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The Rapture Report - 04/16/2012 - Iran nuclear talks fall flat, calls made for more sanctions

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  • The Rapture Report - 04/16/2012 - Iran nuclear talks fall flat, calls made for more sanctions

    The Rapture Report - Iran nuclear talks fall flat, calls made for more sanctions
    Written: 4-16-2012
    Rapture Forum Staff: Chris

    This past weekend we witnessed the resumption of long stalled nuclear talks between Iran and the six major world powers known collectively as the P5+1. This groups includes the US, Britain, China, Russia, and France plus Germany. The talks were heralded as a positive step in the right direction by the EU representatives. However, Israeli PM Netanyahu called them a "freebie" for Iran as the talks basically went know where and although there is another meeting scheduled for late next month, nothing really became of the meeting. Today, the U.S. lawmakers called the talks "inadequate" and called for more sanctions. The Haaretz news website reported:

    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has harshly criticized the talks on Saturday between Iran and six world powers, saying "my initial impression is that Iran has been given a freebie" to carry on with its nuclear program. Netanyahu said the decision to continue the talks on May 23 gives Tehran five more weeks to enrich uranium as it likes. "I think Iran should take immediate steps to stop all enrichment, take out all enrichment material and dismantle the nuclear facility in Qom," Netanyahu said in a statement. "I believe that the world's greatest practitioner of terrorism must not have the opportunity to develop atomic bombs."
    I would have to say that I agree with the assessment by PM Netanyahu as the biggest winner of the talks was Iran. They basically compromised none and even demanded that sanctions be lifted before they would take any steps, but even those steps where not spelled out. In reality, the talks where a big failure and Iran bought 5 more weeks to play with their uranium enrichment program. The world powers once again are sitting on their collective hands over the situation with Iran.

    Israeli PM Netanyahu is not the only one feeling like the talks were a failure, for today the Jerusalem Post reports that U.S. lawmakers are demanding more sanctions to be placed on Iran. The JPost news website reports:

    US lawmakers on Monday pushed for more sanctions against Iran after talks between Tehran and global powers failed to stop Iran from developing its nuclear program. Although the talks between Iran, the United States and five other world powers were described as "constructive" by the European Union's foreign policy chief, Catherine Ashton, some US lawmakers said they were unimpressed. "The United States should not mistake positive diplomatic dialogue for compliance with United Nations Security Council resolutions," said a spokesman for Republican Senator Mark Kirk.
    I agree completely with Senator Kirk, Iran should not be "rewarded" for meeting their international obligations as it relates to their nuclear program. The UNSC has made it very clear that Iran needs to halt their enrichment program and comply with the IAEA on their nuclear program. Failure to do so only increases the chance that a military strike by someone increases with each meeting that Iran skirts their obligations. Before the talks started it was widely rumored that Israel would hold off on any strike to see what kind of action, if any, the talks between Iran and the P5+1 produced. So far, the talks are a total failure and there does not seem to be much optimism that the May 23rd talks will produce anything different.

    In fact, I would tend to believe that Israel could potential wait until after the next meeting before making a final decision on striking Iran. Numerous dates have been batted around about when Iran could obtain a nuclear bomb. The most conservative conclusion is that once a decision is made, if it hasn't already, that it would only be a matter of months for Iran to develop a nuclear weapon. So, the point of "no return" on Iran's nuclear program is coming up very quickly. There still remains a small window of opportunity to stop Iran before they declares themselves a nuclear power with a nuclear bomb test.

    Despite the nuclear talks taking place it is my feeling that eventually the talks will result in utter failure and that more than likely Israel will have to move to destroy as much of the nuclear program as they can. This may very well call for unconventional weapons like "mini-nukes" in order to penetrate deep buried facilities. This of course will have a dramatic effect on the region as well as the world. But Israel I do not believe is going to take the chance to live with a nuclear Iran. I think the Israeli's motto of "Never Again" applies here and as a result a strike on Iran could push us to the brink of the Ezekiel 38-39 conflict. This is merely a speculative view, but it sure looks like one that has a pretty good chance of playing out. Because of that, I believe it it more important than ever for us to keep watching the Middle East and the situation with Iran and their nuclear program. One day soon, when we least expect it, the world could be changed forever and as this gets to be closer and closer to a reality, so does the rapture of the church. For that reason, let us continue to keep looking up, as our redemption is drawing nigh. Stay tuned!

    God bless.
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