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    For those of you that grew up going to or are now going to churches that promote the pre-trib rapture point of salvation will you please let me, and possibly others, know what types of churches are these? I grew up going to Methodist churches and never knew the word rapture until I was a young adult and it had no meaning. Are there different denominations where this is taught? Are there certain denominations for both mid and post-trib too? Just some things I've been thinking over as my wife and I are looking for a new church. Bless you all.


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    The Calvary Chapels are Pre-Trib. Are you in Florida (your name, its a guess)??? There are some good Calvary Chapels in Florida.

    Look at this link. I put a proximity search for Kissimmee. If that isn't where you are from....sorry. But I like the Calvary Chapels. I am a youth leader at ours.

    The Road To New Jerusalem


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      My denomination is Baptist & I have known about the rapture for a long time. They believe in the pre-trib. These denominations need to stay true to The Bible.
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        That is a good question. IMHO You really have to do some home work around where you live. Even within denominations I would consider more likely to have a Pre-Trib rapture view, there are churches that either don't believe it or won't teach it. What I mean by that is, we found some that when we talked to the leadership they said they believed in the Pre-Trib rapture but really didn't teach it at all. They just avoided the issue because they didn't want to "offend" anyone.
        When my wife and I did our search when we moved to FL it tooks us awhile, we really had to search. For us it wasn't just the Pre-Trib rapture, it was also did they believe and teach the Word of God? Were they legalistic, seeker sensitive types, weak theologically in other areas etc? I mean it was really frustrating and tough on us for awhile until we found what we were looking for.


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          I grew up in a non denominational church and heard about the Pre trib rapture all my young life. The teaching is very prevalent here where I live, even the Catholics grew up believing in Pre trib.

          I attend the Church of the Nazarene, and the few that I have gone to, teach a pre trib Rapture. And a soon Rapture, at that.
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            I grew up Presbyterian and most do not teach anything related to the second coming, I was nearly 30 the first time I heard the word or anything about the teaching. I had no clue that there was a second coming, let alone a rapture. Late September 1973, out over the atlantic ocean in a DC10. I can still feel the shock/fear/joy/amazement/anger when I read The Late Great Planet Earth. How dare the presbyterian's deny me this teaching!! My husband pulled us out of the Presbyterian church soon after we returned from Israel that year. We were there for the 1973 war! Now that was an experience.

            I currently go to a non denominational church that is applying to Calvary Chapel. And so far they are solid as a rock.

            Presbyterians are amillenial, and raptureless.
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              Ditto on the Calvary Chapels. They often teach verse by verse. If you are not far from Lakeland I think there is a church there called Victory that is good, too.

              Meanwhile, if you go to there are several pastors and sermons available to watch on that site. I've recently started watching Bob Coy. He is the pastor of the Calvary Chapel in Ft Lauderdale.

              Hope you find a solid Bible based church.


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                I go to an Assembly of God church and my pastor is pre-trib and teaches the Word line by line. I'm not sure if all AOG does the same.


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                  I attend a Baptist church and as far as I know all our leaders are pre-trib. Our pastor is great, but rarely speaks on the rapture other than to say he believes the Lord will return soon. I think you need to be prepared to invest some time in choosing a church. I think if it was only me (not my husband who doesn't like change), I would look for a Calvary Chapel in our area. I think it depends a lot on the pastor to project this teaching to the congregation, not to just hold that belief.
                  Ph 3:15 (paraphrased):...And if on some point you and I think differently, that too God will make clear to us. Only let us live up to what we have already attained.


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                    I attend a Baptist church and our Pastor is unabashedly pre-trib.


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                      Grew up Lutheran for 50 years. Amillenial. Became a young earth creationist/ Pre-trib/ about 30 years ago. Stayed in the Lutheran church because I was the Jr/Sr High bible study leader and taught their kids to take the bible literally, missionary work. Left when ELCA decided to vote out portions of scripture as irrelevant for today a few of years ago. Went to large non-denominational but they only taught life application.

                      Long story short - we are attending a Calvery Chaple, and listening to one online - definately pre trib teachings. My wife said that it was good to hear from the pulpit what I have been saying for years.


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                        Hurray for Calvary Chapels! I've been in a CC for over 14 years.


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                          Grew up Pentecostal Holiness and learned about the Rapture at a young age, although I cant remember if it was preached to be pre-trib. Now go to Baptist--pre-trib Rapture is taught/preached. I love my church.
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                            Ditto on the Calvary Chapels ... I attended one for a year and loved it so much. They moved far away when they took over another Calvary Chapel church .. and combined the two together. I now I attend a local church in my town. It's non-denom. My Pastor was previously a Baptist preacher. Very pre-trib and I love him dearly.


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                              Independent Baptist, very strongly pre-Trib, very missions minded, I tend to think that goes hand in hand with it but it could just be because my church is; but it does make sense that one feels a need to win souls because one knows time here could be very short.

                              I grew up Lutheran, went from head knowledge to heart knowledge reading the Bible in college, and listened to services on the radio or TV for a few years before I started going regularly to my church after law school - so I really don't rememberever hearing any different except for Pat Rogbertson's show, which I took with a grain of salt anyway because of other things; the Lord knew I wouldn't be within walking distance of a good church consistently for a few years and gave me a strong sense of discernment when I was first saved. (Of coruse, claiming the promise of James 1:5 about numerous areas right away helped, too; I prayed and believed God would give me wisdom about things and He did.)

                              I don't recall when the first message clearly on the Rapture was that I heard, but it was surely within the first 2-3 years that I attended my church on a consistent basis. And that was with one pastor leaving after a year and then visiting pastors for quite a while; the Lord had the right man he was preparing, though, and when he came in 1999 it was definitely a wonderful thing, as he has done a great job of teachinga nd preaching the rapture and all the rest of the Bible.
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