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Battle Against "Science Falsely So Called"

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  • Battle Against "Science Falsely So Called"

    The evolutionary fairy tale seems to have no let up in these last days. :monkd Evolutionist/athiests are stepping up their efforts to indoctrinate our children. A hugely successful tour of the humanist BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs program has made it into a traveling show touring not just here in the US, but the UK, Europe, Canada and Asia. Check out their HD website. Including a 59 page Education (aka Indoctrination) Kit.
    This show is now in Philadelphia. I am making use of Pastor Billy Crones uncopyrighted dvds and leaving them on car windshields at the arena. I found his uncopyrighted Creation Series very useful especially this last series called the Fearful Creation. Free uncopyrighted DVD's can be ordered here.

    I hope this series blesses the body of Christ in their defense of the evolutionary lies being stepped up by militant athiests in these last days.\ I put popcorn icons next to my two favorites.

    Does The Bible Mention Dinosaurs?

    Did Man Coexist With the Dinosaurs?

    Did A Worldwide Flood Destroy The Dinosaurs?

    Did Dinosaurs Get On & Off With The Ark With Noah?

    Are Dragons Really Dinosaurs?

    Are Dinosaurs Still Alive Today? (Part 1)

    Are Dinosaurs Still Alive Today? (Part 2)

    Series Finale: Did Dinosaurs Really Walk With Man?
    for Full Video click here:
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      Cool stuff

      The sad thing is today I think even most Christians believe in evolution and not a literal 6 day creation. You can get torn up for suggesting it. Never mind that for the better part of the past several thousand years it was understood to be true (it is Old Testament), today "science" says differently so they jump through hoops trying to change the biblical account to agree while never considering "science" could simply be flat wrong in this case.
      ------------------------------------- by Living Waters / Ray Comfort
      Hell's Best Kept Secret by Ray Comfort / Living Waters
      This guy has some awesome sermons:
      or to shortcut to a *great* series: The Final Countdown Youtube playlist by Billy Crone


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        Lots of "monkey business" out there these days.
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          Originally posted by Chris View Post
          Lots of "monkey business" out there these days.

          We know that God created the heaven and the earth. Genesis 1:27 So God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them. Thanks Chris for the link on the chick tracts. I enjoyed reading them. There sure is a lot of monkey business out there these days.
          sigpic John 14:6 Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me. Love RR Family, Janice


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            When I decided to homeschool my six year old son, I told him we were going to do "Dinosaur Week". Which turned into "Dinosaur Month". . . at the least! We watched "Walking With Dinosaurs" and a lot of other documentaries. He's a pretty smart kid, too, so even he ended up saying "Ok. Scientists say that God isn't real. They say earth is a kajillion years old. They say that people and dinosaurs weren't alive at the same time and that a lot of dinosaurs could have died from a big flood, but that The Flood didn't happen. WHAT IS WRONG WITH THESE PEOPLE?!". He gets really upset about people not believing in God - as in he doesn't want them going to hell and he can't believe people can ignore God all around us. Every time we watch one of those dinosaur things, he gives a big, overly-dramatic sigh whenever they start talking about "millions of years" or evolution.

            One that really cracked him up was where they theorize about reptiles evolving into humanoid creatures. Good grief! And they teach most of this stuff as FACT in schools!!!! I can't believe it. Neither can a six year old. So WHY is it so accepted?!!?

            I teach him what makes SENSE. NOT what science textbooks say. I also teach my kids to question what they are taught - especially what they learn in school. It's really not fun at all having a bunch of junior scientists in the house when 99% of science seems to be atheistic.


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              I don't disagree with the evolution theory entirely.
              There is a part about micro and macro evolution, where macro being billions of years and micro being maybe a few weeks, months or years. Micro seems more reasonable, but in all, did we evolve from the water, or from apes, then no. There are so many flaws in the theory they should just call it quits in some areas of it. Even Darwin said if one single flaw can be found in my theory, it would then be proven false and unvalidated.


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                The finale in the series was posted on youtube, seems i always have trouble trying to post anything from tangle here. This last sermon had some pretty awesome video clips with undeniable evidence of a "cover up" a of anyone who disagrees with their lie of evolution, they even trash the careers and reputations of their own people when something that is discovered that will usurp the supposed evolutionary timeline - i thought this video exposes just a fraction of the corrupt tyranical humanist stranglehold over the scientific community.

                If you go to the Get A life media website, and go to Apologetics, you can download all the sermon notes in pfd form. Part 8 of the Fearful Creation series had far more information than is covered in the video.

                A Fearful Creation: Series Trailer

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                  I believe that Satan's greatest two lies are that Satan doesn't exist and evolution. The theory of evolution will drag many to hell. It's hard to imagine that so many believe that man evolved from some sort of primordial soup. You have to set aside your common sense in order to believe it. The Genome Project has completely destroyed evolution. DNA had to be present in the cell, IN TACT, in order for the body to develop. There is no room for evolution.