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Expert: China’s Navy Will Be Double the Size of U.S. Navy by 2030

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  • Expert: China’s Navy Will Be Double the Size of U.S. Navy by 2030

    China’s navy is on track to be double the size of the United States’ by 2030, which puts U.S. interests at risk in the Asia Pacific and around the world, a U.S. military expert testified at a recent congressional hearing.

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    I don't know what size the Chinese Navy is now, but I figure it'll take longer than 12 years... much longer in fact, for them to equal the US Navy in terms of Naval warfare, and the art and science of warfare visavis aircraft carrier battle groups.
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      Well, I just looked this up on Wikipedia and was a little surprised by what I found:

      Peoples Liberation Army Navy:
      492 ships (not including 232 auxiliary ships)
      255,000 personnel

      U.S. Navy:
      474 ships (but only 282 are deployable)
      319,421 active duty personnel.


      • #4'snot like Africa, who has no talent or capability...what is to stop these guys from building what ever they want. Might not be as efficient, but by mass volumes, can accomplish great feats.
        Still, nothing a modern style emp wont take care of, ....IF...deems a threat.