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Ron Rhodes

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  • Ron Rhodes

    Not sure if this is the correct forum for this question. Has anyone ever heard of Ron Rhodes? He authored a book entitled Bible Prophecy Answer Book. I get a little nervous when someone titles a book "Answer book" as it conjures up thoughts of Hank Hanegraff, the Bible answer man. My wife started to buy this book but wasn't sure about the author. Any insight would be helpful. Thanks

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    Ron Rhodes is very knowledgeable about Bible Prophecy. He is also listed on RR's Who's Who page. I've heard him on Jan Markell's program as well.


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      I love Ron Rhodes. If you arenít sure heís also on YouTube so you can check him out there.


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        Thanks for the info!!


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          I have that book. Well worth having when you need clarification or just have one of those little "doubts" creeping in.


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            Thanks Madcat!!