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  • Earthquake graphs

    Here is my latest project:

    Earthquakes 5.0+ since the Richter scale was developed in 1935

    Data source: National Geophysical Data Center

    The following graphs depict the moderate to major earthquakes recorded since the Richter scale was developed in 1935. The graph below shows the total earthquakes per year of magnitude 5.0 or greater, with a trend line overlayed.

    The following graph has all the earth quakes from 1935, but separated by magnitude.

    The last three graphs show each magnitude category separately since 1935, with a trend line.


    Earthquakes smaller than 5.0 in magnitude have not been included here, due to an increase in data obviously tied to the broadening scope of seismic equipment in recent decades. In other words, because there is an increasing quantity of seismographs, the jump in data is reflecting the increase in detection of smaller earthquakes. However, larger earthquakes can be felt at further distances, so the data for moderate to strong earthquakes should, in theory, be more accurate over the time that measurements have been taken.

    Even if the technology is better today than decades ago when earthquake data was being collected, it is obvious that overall the general trend of moderate earthquakes is trending exponentially. However, I found it interesting that the magnitude 7.0+ earthquake trend appears to be flat. That being said, because these strong earthquakes make such an impact, one can go back much further in history to see if the there is a different trend that appears for strong earthquakes over a larger period than the 75 year period shown on this page. Indeed, there appears to be an increasing trend of strong earthquakes, as shown below:

    It certainly looks like earthquakes are behaving exactly like Jesus said they would; increasing in frequency and intensity like "birth pangs".

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    fascinating. thanks for doing this


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      Very interesting!


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        Coincidence...I've been checking out a thing called a "treemap", related to earthquakes!

        The Hive Group - Most Powerful and Deadliest Earthquakes since 1900

        They examined 540 earthquakes with the screening criteria: "Data source: NOAA National Geophysical Data Center, includes earthquakes of magnitude 6.5 or greater that resulted in loss of life, 1900 - 2011".

        You can view earthqakes by country, magnitude, focal depth and deaths. You can also mouse over for detailed information. This interactive graphic representation is pretty neat!

        I've attached some screen captures:

        Sorted by Country, sized by magnitude, color-coded by deaths (the larger the square, the greater the magnitude, and the reddest squares indicate a death toll > 100,000):

        All countries, sized and color coded by deaths - the maximum impact on mankind:

        All countries, sized and color coded by magnitude alone, irrespective of deaths caused:

        And all countries, sized by deaths, color-coded by magnitude:

        Now, the interesting part. I used the date slider on the right to take out decade wise totals:

        Decade # of quakes
        1900-1911 34
        1911-1921 22
        1921-1931 35
        1931-1941 31
        1941-1951 52
        1951-1961 48
        1961-1971 63
        1971-1981 61
        1981-1991 57
        1991-2001 71
        2001-2011 64

        Here is the excel chart I took out:

        You can see a sharp increase from the decade of the 1940s, onward. (Those who watched Hal Lindsey's latest report dated 4/1/2011, "1948 - Hinge of History", connect the dots! )


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          Great work...very interesting!


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            Thank-you both for this. Looking at trends in graph form makes it all that much clearer, and simpler to pass onto know; ' a picture is worth a thousand words'.


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              They all look like "Birth Pangs" charts to me..
              Isaiah 41:10

              Fear not, for I am with you; Be not dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you, Yes, I will help you, I will uphold you with My righteous right hand.