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    Originally posted by icebear View Post
    peels on (nutrition) cores out. i just slice them then use one of those cute mini flower shaped cookie cutters to take out the core. i also cut a slit in the ring so it won't "cone"... like how you do when you pan-fry bologna slices. i dry all types of apples, whatever is on sale.

    i actually rarely peel anything unless it really has to be. not potatoes or carrots...

    dried celery is really great too- awesome for soups. also peas, carrots, corn. you can buy bags of them frozen and stick them straight into the dehydrator- spread them out. a few pounds of frozen veggies can fit in quart jars after dehydrating. keep bullion cubes or broth powder on hand.
    Do you use those little oxygen absorbers in the canning jars? And if so can you just store the full jars at room temp? I have done corn and blueberries ( with your help I believe) and am keeping the jars in the frig. Do I really need to refrigerate?