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8.1 quake

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    A tsunami advisory is issued for the state of hawaii effective
    at 1217 pm hst.

    An earthquake has occurred with these preliminary parameters

    origin time - 1203 pm hst 07 oct 2009
    coordinates - 13.0 south 166.3 east
    location - vanuatu islands
    magnitude - 8.0 moment


    the pacific tsunami warning center has issued an expanding
    regional tsunami warning and watch for parts of the pacific
    located closer to the earthquake. An evaluation of the pacific
    wide tsunami threat is underway and there is a possibility that
    hawaii could be elevated to a watch or warning status.

    If tsunami waves impact hawaii their estimated earliest arrival
    time is

    0650 pm hst wed 07 oct 2009


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      Originally posted by icebear View Post
      sure are. eep!

      Just read that the tsunami can happen 5 mins to 1 hour after the quake.


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        Originally posted by TwinklingOfanEye View Post
        What?? Where in the world is SANTO, VANUATU??

        Vanuatu is in the SW Pacific Ocean north east of Queensland, Australia


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          REU: Evacuations underway to higher ground on island of New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands


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            REU: Police spokesman in the French territory's capital of Noumea said they expect waves to hit the coastline at 11:15 a.m


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              I am currently on the RSOE site and watching Fox, when breaking news said 7.6 in Vanuatu. Also 7.3 in area


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                Originally posted by Zerozx View Post
                REU: Evacuations underway to higher ground on island of New Caledonia and Loyalty Islands
                That's where i'd be heading!


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                  Originally posted by BelovedChild View Post
                  Vanuatu is in the SW Pacific Ocean north east of Queensland, Australia


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                    People living in low lying and coastal areas in western parts of Fiji have been advised to take immediate tsunami precautions.


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                      Tsunami bulletin number 001
                      pacific tsunami warning center/noaa/nws
                      issued at 2217z 07 oct 2009

                      this bulletin applies to areas within and bordering the pacific
                      ocean and adjacent seas...except alaska...british columbia...
                      Washington...oregon and california.

                      ... A tsunami warning and watch are in effect ...

                      A tsunami warning is in effect for

                      vanuatu / solomon is. / nauru / papua new guinea / tuvalu /
                      new caledonia / fiji / kiribati / kosrae / wallis-futuna /

                      a tsunami watch is in effect for

                      marshall is. / tokelau / kermadec is / pohnpei / new zealand /
                      samoa / american samoa / tonga / australia / niue /
                      cook islands / chuuk / indonesia / wake is. / jarvis is. /
                      palmyra is. / guam / n. Marianas / johnston is. / yap /
                      marcus is. / belau

                      for all other areas covered by this bulletin... It is for
                      information only at this time.

                      This bulletin is issued as advice to government agencies. Only
                      national and local government agencies have the authority to make
                      decisions regarding the official state of alert in their area and
                      any actions to be taken in response.

                      An earthquake has occurred with these preliminary parameters

                      origin time - 2203z 07 oct 2009
                      coordinates - 13.0 south 166.3 east
                      depth - 33 km
                      location - vanuatu islands
                      magnitude - 8.0


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                        There's been a whole lot of heavy-duty rocking going on over the last couple of weeks.


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                          Fiji is ordering evacuations.


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                            Is it just me or has anyone elso noticed all the large earthquakes in the locations of several of the SURVIVOR (reality show) islands. Just sayin


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                              Australian coast on alert after tsunami warning


                              The Queensland coast is on tsunami watch after the Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued a tsunami warning for Papua New Guinea and island nations in the south-west Pacific after a 8.1-magnitude earthquake struck off Vanuatu this morning.

                              The Bureau of Meteorology (BOM) says there is a tsunami watch between Bowen and St Lawrence and a tsunami is expected to affect Willis Island off the Queensland coast at about 9:45am AEST.

                              But BOM spokesman Geoff Doueal says the Great Barrier Reef is expected to act as a protective barrier for areas closer to the Queensland coast.

                              "It looks like any sort of threat from the tsusnami will be getting to the Queensland coast just a little after 12.30pm and 1pm around Coolangatta and similiar times around the Cooktown area," he said.

                              The epicentre of the quake was located 373 kilometres from Vanuatu at a depth of 33 kilometres, the US Geological Survey says.

                              There were no immediate reports of injuries or damage.

                              The Pacific Tsunami Warning Centre issued the warning for 11 nations, including Papua New Guinea and the popular resort islands of Fiji, Vanuatu and New Caledonia. There was also a tsunami watch for the wider western Pacific, including Australia, New Zealand, Indonesia and the nations of American Samoa and Samoa, which were smashed by a tsunami that destroyed whole villages last week.

                              ABC Papua New Guinea correspondent Liam Fox said the quake had not been felt in the capital Port Moresby.

                              Vanuatu police in the capital, Port Vila, said they had not felt the quake and there were no immediate reports of sea level rises.

                              Authorities in New Caledonia are evacuating people from the island's eastern shore and from the nearby Loyalty Islands to higher ground.

                              A police spokesman in the French territory's capital of Noumea said they expect waves to hit the coastline at 11:15am (local time).

                              Meanwhile, a spokesman for New Zealand's Ministry of Civil Defence and Emergency Management said it was issuing a tsunami advisory for people not to be on beaches or boats near the coast.

                              Earlier this morning a magnitude-6.7 quake struck south-east of the Sulu archipelago of the Philippines.

                              The quake was in the Celebes Sea, 320 kilometres south of Zamboanga in Mindanao, and occurred at 5:41am (local time). The depth was 582.8 kilometres, the USGS said.

                              The warning comes a week after an undersea 8.3-magnitude quake struck off Samoa, causing a devastating tsunami in Samoa, American Samoa and Tonga, which killed hundreds of people.

                              A deadly 7.6-magnitude earthquake also hit the Indonesia island of Sumatra, destroying entire villages and buying people alive. The death toll is expected to exceed 1,000.


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                                Originally posted by caligal View Post
                                I'm glad it has been downgraded. Even so it is a massive quake. There sure has been an extrodinary number of BIG quakes for one region in a relativly short time span.
                                You guys, my husband is an atmospheric, oceanic, environmental scientist. He has a lot of education about earthquakes and tsunamis. He said that the instruments used in the USGS facitlies and others, are extremely accurate and up to date. They dispense the information/data in seconds. The "update" is most likely a scientist trying to keep his job, so he/she makes slight modifications. Have ya'll noticed that whenever there is a moderate size quake, there is an intitial and then a new "update"? Just keep in mind, the computers don't make mistakes. The initial is the one I look at, never the second.