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8.1 quake

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    Originally posted by 00.7 View Post


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      Tsunami bulletin number 001
      pacific tsunami warning center/noaa/nws
      issued at 2217z 07 oct 2009

      this bulletin applies to areas within and bordering the pacific
      ocean and adjacent seas...except alaska...british columbia...
      Washington...oregon and california.

      ... A tsunami warning and watch are in effect ...

      A tsunami warning is in effect for

      vanuatu / solomon is. / nauru / papua new guinea / tuvalu /
      new caledonia / fiji / kiribati / kosrae / wallis-futuna /

      a tsunami watch is in effect for

      marshall is. / tokelau / kermadec is / pohnpei / new zealand /
      samoa / american samoa / tonga / australia / niue /
      cook islands / chuuk / indonesia / wake is. / jarvis is. /
      palmyra is. / guam / n. Marianas / johnston is. / yap /
      marcus is. / belau

      for all other areas covered by this bulletin... It is for
      information only at this time.

      This bulletin is issued as advice to government agencies. Only
      national and local government agencies have the authority to make
      decisions regarding the official state of alert in their area and
      any actions to be taken in response.

      An earthquake has occurred with these preliminary parameters

      origin time - 2203z 07 oct 2009
      coordinates - 13.0 south 166.3 east
      depth - 33 km
      location - vanuatu islands
      magnitude - 8.0


      it is not known that a tsunami was generated. This warning is
      based only on the earthquake evaluation. An earthquake of this
      size has the potential to generate a destructive tsunami that can
      strike coastlines near the epicenter within minutes and more
      distant coastlines within hours. Authorities should take
      appropriate action in response to this possibility. This center
      will monitor sea level data from gauges near the earthquake to
      determine if a tsunami was generated and estimate the severity of
      the threat.

      Estimated initial tsunami wave arrival times at forecast points
      within the warning and watch areas are given below. Actual
      arrival times may differ and the initial wave may not be the
      largest. A tsunami is a series of waves and the time between
      successive waves can be five minutes to one hour.

      Location forecast point coordinates arrival time
      -------------------------------- ------------ ------------
      vanuatu esperitu santo 15.1s 167.3e 2231z 07 oct
      anatom is. 20.2s 169.9e 2324z 07 oct
      solomon is. Kirakira 10.4s 161.9e 2248z 07 oct
      ghatere 7.8s 159.2e 2328z 07 oct
      munda 8.4s 157.2e 2332z 07 oct
      honiara 9.3s 160.0e 2336z 07 oct
      auki 8.8s 160.6e 2336z 07 oct
      panggoe 6.9s 157.2e 2346z 07 oct
      falamae 7.4s 155.6e 2348z 07 oct
      nauru nauru 0.5s 166.9e 0003z 08 oct
      papua new guine kieta 6.1s 155.6e 0005z 08 oct
      amun 6.0s 154.7e 0007z 08 oct
      rabaul 4.2s 152.3e 0033z 08 oct
      lae 6.8s 147.0e 0059z 08 oct
      kavieng 2.5s 150.7e 0107z 08 oct
      port moresby 9.3s 146.9e 0123z 08 oct
      madang 5.2s 145.8e 0125z 08 oct
      manus is. 2.0s 147.5e 0145z 08 oct
      wewak 3.5s 143.6e 0208z 08 oct
      vanimo 2.6s 141.3e 0229z 08 oct
      tuvalu funafuti is. 7.9s 178.5e 0013z 08 oct
      new caledonia noumea 22.3s 166.5e 0015z 08 oct
      fiji suva 18.1s 178.4e 0037z 08 oct
      kiribati tarawa is. 1.5n 173.0e 0037z 08 oct
      kanton is. 2.8s 171.7w 0132z 08 oct
      christmas is. 2.0n 157.5w 0336z 08 oct
      malden is. 3.9s 154.9w 0344z 08 oct
      flint is. 11.4s 151.8w 0414z 08 oct
      kosrae kosrae is. 5.5n 163.0e 0056z 08 oct
      wallis-futuna wallis is. 13.2s 176.2w 0103z 08 oct
      howland-baker howland is. 0.6n 176.6w 0112z 08 oct
      marshall is. Majuro 7.1n 171.4e 0120z 08 oct
      kwajalein 8.7n 167.7e 0123z 08 oct
      eniwetok 11.4n 162.3e 0149z 08 oct
      tokelau nukunonu is. 9.2s 171.8w 0125z 08 oct
      kermadec is raoul is. 29.2s 177.9w 0129z 08 oct
      pohnpei pohnpei is. 7.0n 158.2e 0129z 08 oct
      new zealand north cape 34.4s 173.3e 0134z 08 oct
      east cape 37.7s 178.5e 0216z 08 oct
      auckland(w) 37.1s 174.2e 0233z 08 oct
      gisborne 38.7s 178.0e 0249z 08 oct
      new plymouth 39.1s 174.1e 0310z 08 oct
      auckland(e) 36.7s 175.0e 0314z 08 oct
      napier 39.5s 176.9e 0329z 08 oct
      milford sound 44.6s 167.9e 0335z 08 oct
      wellington 41.3s 174.8e 0339z 08 oct
      westport 41.8s 171.6e 0350z 08 oct
      samoa apia 13.8s 171.8w 0141z 08 oct
      american samoa pago pago 14.3s 170.7w 0152z 08 oct
      tonga nukualofa 21.0s 175.2w 0152z 08 oct
      australia brisbane 27.2s 153.3e 0155z 08 oct
      cairns 16.7s 145.8e 0204z 08 oct
      sydney 33.9s 151.4e 0228z 08 oct
      gladstone 23.8s 151.4e 0301z 08 oct
      mackay 21.1s 149.3e 0322z 08 oct
      hobart 43.3s 147.6e 0355z 08 oct
      niue niue is. 19.0s 170.0w 0211z 08 oct
      cook islands pukapuka is. 10.8s 165.9w 0216z 08 oct
      penryn is. 8.9s 157.8w 0323z 08 oct
      rarotonga 21.2s 159.8w 0325z 08 oct
      chuuk chuuk is. 7.4n 151.8e 0217z 08 oct
      indonesia jayapura 2.4s 140.8e 0233z 08 oct
      warsa 0.6s 135.8e 0316z 08 oct
      manokwari 0.8s 134.2e 0336z 08 oct
      sorong 0.8s 131.1e 0404z 08 oct
      wake is. Wake is. 19.3n 166.6e 0250z 08 oct
      jarvis is. Jarvis is. 0.4s 160.1w 0307z 08 oct
      palmyra is. Palmyra is. 6.3n 162.4w 0313z 08 oct
      guam guam 13.4n 144.7e 0320z 08 oct
      n. Marianas saipan 15.3n 145.8e 0323z 08 oct
      johnston is. Johnston is. 16.7n 169.5w 0325z 08 oct
      yap yap is. 9.5n 138.1e 0330z 08 oct
      marcus is. Marcus is. 24.3n 154.0e 0342z 08 oct
      belau malakal 7.3n 134.5e 0344z 08 oct

      bulletins will be issued hourly or sooner if conditions warrant.
      The tsunami warning and watch will remain in effect until
      further notice.

      The west coast/alaska tsunami warning center will issue products
      for alaska...british columbia...washington...oregon...california.


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        7.8 according to mu usgs sidebar widget


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          Originally posted by TwinklingOfanEye View Post
          What?? Where in the world is SANTO, VANUATU??
 it may not go directly to the location, click the location in the left sidebar. (Espiritu Santo, Sanma Province, Vanuatu)


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            west of Fiji


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                Mods merge the 2 threads please.


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                  Originally posted by Zerozx View Post
         it may not go directly to the location, click the location in the left sidebar. (Espiritu Santo, Sanma Province, Vanuatu)
                  I just found it but thanks.

                  Originally posted by 00.7 View Post
                  west of Fiji
                  I don't know where that is so that wouldn't have helped.


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                    Originally posted by TwinklingOfanEye View Post
                    I just found it but thanks.

                    I don't know where that is so that wouldn't have helped.


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                          Originally posted by Zerozx View Post
                          just coming in to say that.


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                            The south pacific islands.


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                              Originally posted by caligal View Post
                              There sure has been an extrodinary number of BIG quakes for one region in a relativly short time span.
                              That's for sure!
                              I'm noticing that a lot of islands potentially can be affected if there is a tsunami from this quake.


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                                There are going to be alot more I'm afraid.