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Chinese espianoge has become widespread in the west

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  • Chinese espianoge has become widespread in the west

    Monday October 5, 2009
    By Julian Assange (WikiLeaks investigations editor)

    According to a classified UK travel briefing released today in full by WikiLeaks, Chinese intelligence activity has become "widespread" with a "voracious appetite for all kinds of information; political, military, commercial, scientific and technical" being fed by bugged hotel rooms and a "mass of ordinary students, businessmen and locally employed staff who are working (at least part-time) on the orders of various parts of the State intelligence gathering apparatus."

    Chinese espionage efforts, designed to clone Western technology have become more sophisticated: "The Chinese have realised that it is not productive to simply steal technology and then try to `reverse engineer it'. Through intelligence activity they now attempt to acquire an in-depth understanding of production techniques and methodologies. There is an obvious economic risk to the UK".

    Chinese agents are "expert flatterers and are well aware of the `softening' effect of food and alcohol.". Under the cover of consultation or lecturing, a visitor may be "given favours, advantageous economic conditions or commercial opportunities." In return they will be expected to "give information or access to material. Or, at the very least, to speak out on China's behalf (becoming an `agent of influence')."
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