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    I just don't know what to say. I have never heard of Illinois getting earthquakes


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      I have been watching US earthquakes since 2004 and I have never seen more than 30 at one time on the map of the central and east before. This map is off the charts. There are 260 listed on this map.


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        Originally posted by christnme View Post
        I just don't know what to say. I have never heard of Illinois getting earthquakes
        They aren't completely unheard of. We had one a few years ago.

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          Originally posted by christnme View Post
          I just don't know what to say. I have never heard of Illinois getting earthquakes
          Southern Illinois was hit by the New Madrid fault quakes of 1811-1813. Luckily, there weren't many people living down there at the time.

          This morning's quake was felt up here near Madison. I didn't feel it, but there were quite a few who did. (I'll ask my wife when she gets up if she felt it) Most thought it was either a snowplow or a semi driving by their homes.

          I was in one in Germany in 1977, maybe 1978. We lived just above a major road so we were always being rattled by big trucks going by, but the quake was much different than those vibrations. Woke me up!


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            We had a 4.3 ( I believe) this morning just northwest of Chicago, IL.
            There's nothing our LORD JESUS CHRIST can't do!!!!


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              Originally posted by christnme View Post
              I just don't know what to say. I have never heard of Illinois getting earthquakes
              Yeah a couple of years ago in April, we had 2 ... about a 5.4 or 5.6 magnitude. I was working overnights and at work when the first happened, and then the 2nd about 10:00am. Beings as I had never been in an earthquake that I had actually felt the shaking before, it was kind of scary. Just heard about the one near Chicago. I'm way further south (south central Illinois), so I didn't feel anything, but I was also sleeping pretty hard.


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                I guess I'm going to be the odd one out and say that I'm not at all surprised by the recent series of quakes. Earthquakes happen with relative frequency, the plates of the Earth are always moving around, grating, hitting, slipping under and over each other. That's what happens. A large quake like what was experienced in Haiti was bound to have some lead up and after effects in other places, at least locally, the USA included since we have a few minor fault lines scattered here and there. I live not far from one that went of.. oh.. a little over a hundred years ago that shook the whole area with aftershocks for weeks after the fact. I was actually not at all shocked by the one in OK (it couldn't be felt by a person, only machines) shortly after Haiti since it let loose a lot of pressure and likely pulled on some of our weaker faults up this way and anywhere around it actually.

                If you you really want to see something.. look into Super Volcanoes and Yellowstone. That's what I'm more interested in.


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                  It seems like there are a lot of earthquakes happening more and more. We know this will happen in the end times. Even Elgin, Ill had an earthquake. I for people's safety.
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                    We had a good sized one in 2008 (5.4) I think with some pretty good aftershocks.
                    If you google the New Madrid Fault, you will see that this fault is bigger than the one they have out in Cali. So while we don't maybe get them as often, we do get them. Crazy, Huh?! There was a pretty good shaker in 1986-1987 (don't remember the exact year and too lazy to go look it up right now.) All in Illinois. lol


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                      Chile quake among Top 10 most powerful ever

                      Chile quake among Top 10 most powerful ever
                      Posted on February 26, 2010. Tags: chile, earthquake, tsunami
                      Karin Stanton | Hawaii 24/7 Contributing Editor.
                      If the preliminary magnitude of 8.8 stands, the Feb. 26 2010 earthquake off Chile would vault it into the Top 10 in recorded history.
                      It would tie for 7th on the list of greatest earthquakes ever recorded, according to the U.S. Geological Survey.
                      Chile was the site of the world’s largest magnitude temblor ever – a 9.5M in 1960. No. 5 on the list is a 9.0M that occurred in 1868 in the same area.
                      The two earthquakes that sit atop the list are ones with which most Hawaii residents will be familiar.
                      The May 22, 1960 Valdivia earthquake, also known as the Great Chilean Earthquake, rocked a 9.5 magnitude.
                      The resulting tsunami affected southern Chile, Japan, the Philippines, eastern New Zealand, southeast Australia, the Aleutian Islands in Alaska, and Hawaii.
                      Localized tsunamis reached 82 feet (25 meters), but the main tsunami charged across the Pacific Ocean and hammered Hilo.
                      Waves as high as 35 feet (10.7) were recorded as far away as Japan and the Philippines. The death toll and monetary losses arising from such a widespread disaster can never be precisely known.
                      At least 61 lives were lost in Hilo, while the total cost in human lives ranged from 2,500 to 6,000.
                      At No. 2 on the list is the March 27,1964 Alaska earthquake, also known as the Great Alaska Earthquake and the Good Friday Earthquake.
                      The quake and tsunami killed 128, although none of the deaths occurred in Hawaii. Hilo and other shoreline areas, however, were damaged.
                      Top 10 Most Powerful Quakes (as of Feb. 25, 2010)

                      1. 1960 – Chile – M 9.5
                      2. 1964 – Prince William Sound, Alaska – M 9.2
                      3. 2004 – Sumatra-Andaman Islands – M 9.1
                      4. 1952 – Kamchatka – M 9.0
                      5. 1868 – Arica, Peru (now Chile) – M 9.0
                      6. 1700 – Cascadia Subduction Zone – M 9.0
                      7. 1906 – Off the Coast of Esmeraldas, Ecuador – M 8.8
                      8. 1965 – Rat Islands, Alaska – M 8.7
                      9. 1755 – Lisbon, Portugal – M 8.7
                      10. 1730 – Valparasio, Chile – M 8.7
                      The Jan. 12, 2010 earthquake in Haiti was rated at magnitude 7.0 and does not even figure in the Top 100 most powerful quakes of all time.



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                        Earthquake just occured in Oklahoma


                        My daughter called and said their classroom building in Shawnee at Oklahoma Baptist University shook for a good 10 seconds.
                        They're reporting it was a 4.4 which is sorta big for that area


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                          I hope she is ok.

                          Just craziness all over the world today.


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                            The earth is tremoring alot yesterday and today!!

                            Wow, yesterday a 7.0 earthquake off the coast of Japan.


                            This morning at 3:30 am a 8.8 quake in Chile.


                            One in Oklahoma too????!!????

                            What's happening? The birth pains are very close together!!


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                              That's exactly what she said when she called me! She said "we just had a birth pang right here in Shawnee!"


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                                Argentina too 6.0 ....2 killed