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Something’s Not Right in Southern Oregon

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    Originally posted by logosone View Post
    I want to know where you go to find real-time, aggregate flood stats....yearly etc.
    Would that be on NOAA somewhere?

    The number and frequency, scope... Would have to be dramatically increased
    as we seem to be seeing catastrophic events on nearly daily basis somewhere..
    Not really sure how to put links in for this new version of vBulletin
    but if you stick the words
    real time disasters
    in Startpage search engine, I think it might have what you are looking for.


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      Thanks! think I found something close on although the site is a little confusing.
      Don't have the time right now to link, but will!


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        Real Time Flood Data


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          Well, we are up to five hummingbirds in our back yard now! Less than half as many as last summer, but we'll take it!!!
          Thank you, Lord.......