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Why A Red Moon?

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  • Why A Red Moon?

    I walked out this morning at 5 am and the stars where shining bright and very clear but the moon was Red>>Why<< very strange.

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    Partial eclipse.
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      I guess a lunar event happened or a couple at once:
      1) 2nd full moon during the same month
      2) full eclipse of moon, when it happens the moon gets the reflection of earth's sunrise and sunset at the same time, thus a red tinted moon

      this is what I remember from the meteorologists on the news this am, also I think they said it does not happen very often, maybe 50-150 years and I could be in error on that so better to look it up.
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        A red blue moon!
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          Itís a super blue blood moon!

          Super blue Moon appears in Scotland's skies
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            Pretty awesome.