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A nation bursting with spoiled brats

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    I agree about the spoiled brats today!!! But I have something else to add that shocked me. I have a pt job at an old ladies clothing store and those ladies just make me sick. I have come to learn that these ladies are just the greediest ladies I have ever met. I get so tired of hearing how many closets of clothes they have and how many clothes still have the price tags on them. And I have every color of pants this company has ever made and I don't need these clothes but growing up we didn't have and now I am not going without. OH they make my blood boil and I didn't mean any dis-respect to any older ladies on this board by saying old ladies it's the attitude they have that makes me say that. I love most older ladies and my grandmother and I shared a room growing up and believe me she never ever had this attitude. It is an older ladies clothing store for 60-90 year old's.


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      I blame social networking sites and cellphones.


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        Originally posted by WarGamer View Post
        I blame social networking sites and cellphones.

        John 3:16
        For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whosoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life.


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          I really don't believe the older generation is the spoiled brats of this is the younger one..the younger genration has no idea what the work ethic is..


          Employer: Please sweep the parking lot..

          Employee: I wasn't hired to sweep the parking lot..

          Employer ends up sweeping the parking lot..

          The younger generation dosn't know what it means to fail..


          Oh mom we all got blue ribbons so no one's feelings would be hurt because they lost..

          Or be spoken to harshly, told to shut up, or fussed at in any way..we just might make the poor darlings feel bad about themselves..most kids under the age of 13 have cell phones, tv's in thier rooms and computers that thier parents wouldn't dare touch..most parents won't admit it when thier kid causes the trouble at's always someone elses kid..

          Companies are complaining that most college/high school graduates come out of scool w/the expectations of starting at the top..none of them realize they have to start at the bottom and no one who spent thier whole lives becoming President of any company is going to roll over so Jr here can have the job..

          no..the spoiled brats are the day care raised kids that never had a lick of discipline in thier lives..not the older generation who worked thier butts off to get America where it is today..


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            I agree our country is spoiled. However, please resist tarring all kids with the same brush. Many are generous and unselfish.

            Naturally, my stories are anecdotal. But in this small community, on the border of Pennsylvania, we've had catastrophic flooding, tornadoes, and job loss for over 14 years. Many do have cars, iphones, laptops. Others live in dirt-floor chicken coops.

            ALL contribute to the Student Council created and driven present drive at the high school. They've put up a giving tree, ask for donations of toiletries and wrap presents, pack shoe boxes full of toiletries for donation, give out at least 100 Thanksgiving and Christmas baskets (for each holiday).
            Even the poorest among our children will donate pennies. I've personally witnessed kids who are ON the giving list (it's kept confidential, but as a teacher I know) giving up their last bits of change. The kids ask for sweatshirts, underwear, socks, sneakers. One boy asked for flashlights. Imagine that. Bet his family doesn't always have electricity.

            These generous children brought my family a meal when I was out of work for so long. They've come over to help clean the house, offered to babysit, and made us CDs. They break my heart with their kindness and love.

            So, what's the difference between this damaged rural community and the greater world? We have four Christian churches that surround our district. Methodist, Presbyterian, Baptist, and Assembly of God. They give to the kids in terms of space for activities, shelter from bomb threats, AP testing sites, and support at events. All churches preach a Born-again message, and welcome strangers. All churches have strong youth groups that explore the Bible as well as fun. All churches are happy to have noisy children in the pew, as they are the future of the church. Many teens are brought to Christ because the parents tell them, if someone stays over on a Saturday night, they go to church with us on Sunday. These churches are allowed to send home flyers in the elementary children's folders about family activities. In the Middle and High school, the churches are allowed to put up posters about teen and youth activities.

            Oh, the teachers here worship with the students and their families. Imagine my mortification when my daughter (4 years old then) took the sailor hat off the boy standing by her for VBS singing during worship, bopped him on the head, and put his hat back on. YES everyone saw it. She was in the front row!! The teachers and students and parents are part of the church, which is part of the greater community. I estimate that 40% of our teachers will be raptured.

            So, because the community embraces the church, the church is alive here. Jesus Christ is active in my community, and even though we're spoiled, the people here love Him and serve Him.
            Micah 6:8 (NIV)
            8 He has showed you, O man, what is good. And what does the LORD require of you?
            To act justly and to love mercy and to walk humbly with your God.


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              Originally posted by Rinji View Post
              You say that some places don't have internet to a kid today, and they look at you like you're talking about A tracks and records.

              And when they whip out their cell phone, tell 'em about the real cool CB radios with the long trailing antennae.
              That's a Big Ten Four!


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                Originally posted by tardisdoctor View Post
                Schools are daycare. Teachers can't have a civil discussion with parents about their behavior and grades, often times. We award trophies to anyone and everyone in a sporting or special event and we have fourteen valedictorians. Everyone is special. Don't hurt any precious snowflakes, lest you incur the wrath of some parent.

                I know a person who was held back a grade in school.
                Okay, I know this is not unusual.
                A few years later, this person flunked both seventh grade English & Math.
                Threw such a fit when told to repeat the 7th grade, this person was sent home by the principal before the last school day was finished.

                But Mommy had a "talk" with the principal & persuaded him to pass her child on to the 8th grade.

                Shortly after beginning the 8th grade, this person was awarded "Student of the Month".

                Here is what became of this person who is now a young adult:

                Did not graduate high school.
                Did become an unwed parent.
                Refuses to find work to support self & own child.
                Refuses to finish education to become employable.
                Rescued by Mommy, who allows them to live under her roof & supports them without consequences.
                And is provided with own car, cell phone, & computer.