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Iran attack decision nears, Israeli elite locks down

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    Several points to consider here.

    1 The military has "plans" for most any contingency - war w/China, war w/Argentina, war w/Ireland ------. This is simply being prepared as well as possible for any unknown future event - however improbable.

    2 So, "HAVING PLANS FOR---", means squat in this context; doesn't mean there are plans to implement!!!

    3 Making this kind of statement this close to an election 'pears to be nothing more than grasping at a straw to salvage a completely botched presidency.

    4 This may be the "ZERO'S" attempt to stall any Israeli action for the time being.

    5 Something the public is totally unaware of at this time.

    IOW, don't trust this yo-yo any further than you can throw an elephant by his tail!!!!!
    Liberalism is a FATAL disease, which should be obvious to all by now!!

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      I think there's gonna be a strike.

      Who, how, what
      I have set the Lord always before me: because he is at my right hand, I shall not be moved.
      Psalm 16:8 KJV


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        praying for Israel