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US officials said to be fearful of looming Israeli strike on Iran

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    US officials should be fearful!!!
    An attack on Iran would do more than take care of Iran, It would also humiliate the big O, a little pay back for the way O has been treating Bibi


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      Originally posted by Joseph The Carpenter View Post
      The only question I have is, will Iran use their proxy armies and attack ISRAEL or will they wait for ISRAEL to attack the nuclear plants?
      I would guess that if/when Israel attacks Iran they'll be wise enough to neutralize the proxies at the same time.
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        Monday May 21st is a New Moon, if it is overcast in Iran it will be perfect conditions to attack.


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          Originally posted by Mom2ten View Post
          I don't think Bibi will let Zero in until it's too late for him to do anything...if he tells him anything at all.
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            There is a link on the news page about a Rand Corporation
            outlook that the IDF and US shouldn't do a thing in Iran.

            What does everyone say the morning Iran does their first test?
            Don't let these 'thinkers' fool ya. That's exactly what happened
            with Pakistan. The idea that we know everything about anything
            that is going on is simply wishful thinking. When the drone was
            hacked that should have been a wake-up call on minimizing.


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              Originally posted by logosone View Post
              What does everyone say the morning Iran does their first test?
              If the test fails to detonate within 2 km of downtown Tel Aviv, the world will order Israel to ignore it, reasoning that Iran used up all it's enriched uranium in the test. Obama will offer Iran technical assistance. Few will be surprised.


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                How many emerging nuclear countries openly and aggressively
                promised annihilation to another nation? that would be a 0. (well, maybe NK)

                This alone, is enough reason to remove any hints of doubt
                of what they are ultimately up to. All we seem to hear is
                more delaying 'projections', "can't develop a warhead",
                "don't have the missiles", "2015, 2016, 2017......"

                Everybody involved knows the real reason is about the
                world's STUFF. Once this starts, the collective moan and
                whining would be unbearable. AND, why I believe more
                is being done to figure out the blaming, than actually
                dealing with this rogue nation.

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                  Originally posted by Cindy S. View Post
                  Gotta have time to put his shoes on so he doesn't have to put bare feet up on the desk.

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