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War Drums Beating Over Jerusalem

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  • War Drums Beating Over Jerusalem
    While the UN, the EU, and the Islamic states are doing everything possible to “armtwist” Israel into submission over the future of Jerusalem, the Obama administration is applying perhaps the most pressure of all; but it is doing so quietly and largely behind the scenes. Obama doesn’t want to ruffle too many American Jews until after the election; he needs their vote come November.

    The fact of the matter is President Obama has discreetly been moving US troops into Israel since January. His purpose, I believe, is to control the aftermath of any conflict that might occur between Israel and Iran (or Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, etc.). It is not so much about defending Israel, but rather about setting the stage for what follows. Obama wants to be in a position to call the shots – either by being able to avert war at the eleventh hour and thereby take the credit, or by assuming the upperhand after a conflict.

    Our sources indicate that up to 9,000 US troops are already in Israel, and a significant number are positioned in Jordan as well. Most of the US servicemen in Israel are technicians, communications specialists, and intelligence officers joined by a significant number of airmen, seamen, and marines. They are officially categorized as participants in “Austere Challenge 12,” which is being viewed more as a deployment than an exercise (although it’s being billed as a war game). Part of their alleged purpose is to practice intercepting missiles and rockets that might soon be coming into Israel from its surrounding hostile neighbors.
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