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Reuters:Iran says Could hit US if it Came Under Attack

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    Originally posted by Kenny View Post
    I agree our systems can put a bunch of their missiles in the ocean, as long as they are launched from there, but what I worry about is them putting one on a little fishing troller just off our coast. They could 'sucker puch' us that way. Our systems could not react quick enough. IMHO.

    OK lets go with a fishing boat or even a ocean liner carrying a couple of launchers.

    Those rockets or Missiles are not the same type as a landbase system, they are much smaller. if they were to get off say four missiles before the spotlight hit them what are they going to do?
    Damage: Take out a building or maybe a overpass, maybe disperce a nerve gas.

    For Iran to do this that would be a total act of war and you can bet, even with "O" in office, Iran would be a hit harder then Iraq ever was. The American people would demand it and Iran knows this. They also know we can pinpoint not only the lauch site but the maker of the missile so giving a missile to some raghead in a speedboat doesn't do them any good.

    Iran is all talk like Iraq was, they have Russia on their side only because Russia needs oil. Fry the oil fields and Russia stays home.