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Israeli PM: Military must remain in West Bank

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  • Israeli PM: Military must remain in West Bank

    SARTABA, West Bank (AP) Israel's prime minister declared Tuesday that his country must retain a strategic section of the West Bank under any future peace deal a position unlikely to win Palestinians over to his reported plan to offer them a temporary state.

    In a rare visit to the occupied territory, Benjamin Netanyahu told reporters that Israel's security depends on maintaining a military presence in the Jordan Valley a strip of West Bank land along the border with Jordan. Without troops there, Israel fears militants could smuggle weapons into the West Bank.

    "The Jordan Valley is Israel's line of defense," Netanyahu said atop a rocky hilltop overlooking the valley. "There is no alternative. It will remain that way in any future situation and any future deal. The military must remain here along the Jordan border."
    Nabil Abu Rdeneh, an aide to Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, said the Palestinians would not compromise on their demand for a full Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank. He also rejected the idea of establishing a Palestinian state in interim borders.

    "Israel is making a big mistake if it believes that it can keep our land forever," he said. "Israeli policy that tries to wriggle out of the two state solution will keep the region in an endless state of conflict."
    WOW the audacity of the Pally's quote. Actually, the Arabs are making a massive, earth-shattering mistake if they believe they can keep Judea and Samaria forever!

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    I suspect there's going to be some big fallout over this.