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Hamas Commander Returns to Gaza Following Cairo Prison Escape

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  • Hamas Commander Returns to Gaza Following Cairo Prison Escape

    There are a number of dangerous prisoners that were set free during the raid on Abu Zaabal prison in Cairo amidst of all the unrest that has taken place in Egypt, including Hezbollah member Sami Chehab, responsible for weapons smuggling across the Egypt-Gaza border. Several other Palestinian militants are said to have made their way back to Gaza after the prison escape, by way of smuggling tunnels, out of the view of Egyptian security forces.

    ďA senior Hamas commander returned to the Gaza Strip on Saturday after breaking out of a Cairo jail during the political upheaval in Egypt, sources in the Palestinian Islamist movement said.

    They said Ayman Nofal had been arrested in the Egyptian Sinai in early 2008 for allegedly planning to carry out a terror attack in Egypt. According to Egyptian media, he had been armed and was suspected of hunting members of the rival Palestinian faction Fatah who had fled from neighboring Gaza.

    A number of prominent prisoners have escaped from Egyptian jails over the last week as law and order collapsed when mass protests against President Hosni Mubarak began and police were temporarily withdrawn from the streets.

    Hamas sources said Nofal had commanded the ruling groupís armed forces in central Gaza.Ē

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    I wonder if this prison break was part of the plan...