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Iran: We successfully test-fired local S-300 system

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  • Iran: We successfully test-fired local S-300 system

    Iran: We successfully test-fired local S-300 system

    November 18, 2010

    Revolution Guards commander says system developed by upgrading Russian-made S-200; not clear when missile test took place
    Dudi Cohen

    Iran announced Thursday it had successfully test-fired an air defense system similar in its capabilities to the Russian S-300 system, the state-run PRESS TV network reported.

    "We have developed the system by upgrading systems like S-200 and we have tested it successfully using all our potential and experience in the Islamic Revolution Guards Corps, the Army and the Defense Ministry," Brigadier General Mohammad Hassan Mansourian was quoted as saying.

    Mansourian did not say when the missile test took place, but Iran is currently holding a large-scale air defense drill simulating attacks on its nuclear facilities.

    Moscow recently canceled a deal involving the sale of the S-300 system to Iran on grounds that it violates UN sanctions aimed at penalizing the Islamic Republic over its nuclear program.

    As a result, relations between Moscow and Tehran have deteriorated.

    In the 1980s Iran purchased the S-200 surface-to-air missile system from the former Soviet Union.,7...986522,00.html