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The U.N. "Palestinian" Statehood bid thread *Merged*

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  • The United States and its ally Israel were isolated and humiliated on world stage on Thursday
    Guess it depends on one's point of view. Infuriating, yes; humiliating, no - at least not to those of us who stand with Israel.

    Silly India, your time would be better spent hugging your cows than speculating on world stage perceptions.


    • Originally posted by Lucid View Post
      Palestinian Authority officially changing its name to Palestine

      How about Hamastan and Fatahland instead of Palestine?


      • I would LOVE to see the US pull all funding from the UN.

        Palestine? Why not New Jordan? Or Anti-Israel? Satan pawns? I'll do up a constitution for them. "We the pawns of Satan and Iran do solemnly swear the sole purpose of our puppet gov't is the destruction of Israel. We will sacrifice our children toward the destruction of Israel. We have no desire towards the pursuit of happiness or peace. We will lie and refuse any negotiation offers. In evil we trust, anti-amen."


        • Palestinians place signs delineating new state

          Under a bold headline of "Warning" the signs state in English, Arabic and Hebrew that the visitor is now standing on "illegally occupied land. State of Palestine." Included is the date this new state was internationally recognized - November 29, 2012.

          The UN General Assembly vote last month merely upgraded the Palestinian Authority to the status of a non-member observer, and is not legally binding. But the Palestinian Authority has been busy transforming that small achievement into something much larger.
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          • Abbas to petition international court to stop E1 construction

            Que: Sound track of Other Shoe Dropping....

            Abbas to petition international court to stop E1 construction


            (Israel Hayom/Exclusive to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas said on Sunday that his government will have no choice but to turn to the International Court of Justice in The Hague in an attempt to force Israel to stop construction in area E1 between Jerusalem and Maaleh Adumim and to transfer the tax money Israel traditionally has collected for the authority but has withheld since Abbas won U.N. nonmember state recognition on Nov. 29.

            Speaking at a conference of Arab League foreign ministers in Doha, Qatar, Abbas said, “This [Israel’s intention to construct housing units in E1] is an illegal move, one which the international community must stop immediately. The move will bring about the end of the two-state vision. Such moves leave us with no choice.”

            The upgraded status of “Palestine” as a nonmember state permits PA leaders to apply to UN organizations, such as the international court, for assistance.


            • So what's the court going to do? Issue a "cease and desist" order? Ouch. No teeth whatsoever.


              • Would the UN send a "security" force to enforce an international court ruling??


                • It's funny how we knew this would happen.
                  "The last enemy that shall be destroyed is death." - 1 Corinthians 15:26


                  • Now that he's got observer status super-powers, watch out!


                    • Originally posted by NoProvision View Post
                      Now that he's got observer status super-powers, watch out!
                      Id liken his Super Powers to Aquaman or Daredevil.
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                      Day to day pours forth speech, And night to night reveals knowledge.
                      (Psa 19:1b-2)


                      • E1 will always be Israels, so Abbas is in LaLa Land to think that this area will ever be part of a Palestinian State. It is good to see Israel stand up for itself.


                        • Originally posted by Hootmon View Post
                          Id liken his Super Powers to Aquaman or Daredevil.
                          He's working his way down to Mickey Mouse.


                          • Thousands of Palestinians march on Hebron checkpoint

                            At least 2,000 Palestinian protesters marched from the West Bank city of Hebron’s city hall toward an Israeli checkpoint on Friday, as part of demonstrations throughout the territory marking the 25th anniversary of the Hamas terrorist organization.

                            IDF and Border Police forces were stationed near the checkpoint, which guards the city’s Jewish neighborhoods, in case the protests turned into riots.

                            In other parts of the West Bank, Palestinian demonstrators attacked Israeli targets.



                            • "The incident came a day after a Border Police officer shot and killed a Palestinian teen who assaulted a guard near the Cave of the Patriarchs in the biblical city with a fake gun, on Wednesday. Seventeen-year-old Mohammed Suleima drew a fake pistol and pressed it against the head of an officer, and another Israeli soldier shot the suspect three times."

                              This act of drawing a gun, fake or not, and pressing it against another's head, officer or not, is just insanity. Violent and insane ... and then accusing the officer who shot him as doing wrong?

                              The world is going mad.


                              • It sounds like this teen was on a suicide mission for the purpose of creating more trouble.
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