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'Declare Gaza a Part of Egypt'

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  • 'Declare Gaza a Part of Egypt'

    by Maayana Miskin
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    The best way to solve the problem of terrorism in Gaza is to move backward, not forward, says Deputy Minister Ayoub Kara, Druze member of the Likud party.

    “What we need to do is declare that Gaza is a part of Egypt," Kara told Arutz Sheva's Hebrew news service in an interview Sunday. "That'a a unilateral move that makes sense. They talk about going back to the way things were in 1967 – so we should keep in mind that back then there was no Palestinian people and Gaza was a part of Egypt, and Judea and Samaria a part of Jordan."

    The problem with putting Gaza under the control of the Palestinian Authority is that the PA lacks true control, Kara said. “There is no leadership in the PA, there is nobody prepared to rule. We're playing pretend,” he declared.

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    This world has gone BNKERS!!!!

    Israel a part of Egypt?! Is he serious?!! Yeah, let's enslave them under a nuerotic pharoah, and make them want to run away like lunatics through a desert for 40 years, and then a couple thousand years later we'll annex them back. Yep, I can hear the siren on the cuckoo wagon blaring.