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Jordanians to break 'unjust blockade'

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  • Jordanians to break 'unjust blockade'

    A Jordanian relief mission plans to send a convoy of 30 vehicles to the Gaza Strip, which has been under an Israeli-imposed blockade for more than three years.

    "More than 150 people and 30 vehicles with aid, medicines and clothes will leave Amman for Gaza on Tuesday morning," Wael Saqqa, head of the Jordan Engineers Association, told AFP on Sunday. (Iranian news source)


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    Sounds like they are trying to time this flotilla with the one that is to arrive from Libya. Things really seem to be heating up. Praying for Israel and the IDF.


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      Jordanians hope to deliver Gaza aid

      A Jordanian delegation will leave the capital city of Amman on Tuesday to deliver medicine and clothing to the Gaza Strip, reports said Monday.

      Wael As-Saqqa of the Jordanian Engineers Association told Agence France-Presse that more than 150 people in 30 vehicles will deliver the aid via the Rafah crossing on the Strip’s Egyptian border.

      As-Saqqa says the group will go to Egypt’s Al-Arish port if they face opposition from Egyptian authorities. "We're trying to break the unjust siege,” As-Saqqa said.