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Iran secretly advances missile technology

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  • Iran secretly advances missile technology

    When an explosion nearly razed Iranís long-range missile research facility in 2011 ó and killed the military scientist who ran it ó many Western intelligence analysts viewed it as devastating to Tehranís technological ambitions.

    Since then, there has been little indication of Iranian work on a missile that could reach significantly beyond the Middle East, and Iranian leaders have said they do not intend to build one.

    So, this spring, when a team of California-based weapons researchers reviewed new Iranian state TV programs glorifying the military scientist, they expected a history lesson with, at most, new details on a long-dormant program.

    Instead, they stumbled on a series of clues that led them to a startling conclusion: Shortly before his death, the scientist, Gen. Hassan Tehrani Moghaddam, oversaw the development of a secret, second facility in the remote Iranian desert that, they say, is operating to this day.

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    Not a big surprise that they were still working on it, Israel can take care of their advances though.
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