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Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Hospitalized with Fever

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  • Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas Hospitalized with Fever

    JERUSALEM (AP) A Palestinian official says President Mahmoud Abbas has been hospitalized with fever.

    The aide to Abbas, speaking on condition of anonymity in line with protocol, said the 83-year-old Palestinian leader was diagnosed with a fever on Sunday. Abbas had an ear operation last week, and had returned to the hospital late Saturday for a follow-up.

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    Interesting timing on this fever being Abbas goaded Palestinians to protest the embassy re-location to Jerusalem. And now that it has moved, his followers are even more irate.
    Hamas is reported by some sources to have been the cause of the rioting that led to the shooting of more than 20 Palestinians on the day of the move. But certain press outlets claimed the IDF were the culprits.

    I wouldn't expect to read that he's doing find and is out of the hospital. With Abbas out of the way due to natural causes things could change in that region.


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      Abbas Photographed in Hospital Reading Newspaper with Anti-Israel Cartoon

      The Times of Israel reports: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas remained in the hospital for a third day Tuesday with pneumonia, with a hospital spokeswoman saying there was as yet no timeframe for his discharge.

      Pictures and video of 83-year-old Abbas walking around the hospital and reading a newspaper were published late Monday, in an apparent attempt to calm rumors that his condition was more serious than reported. Independent media outlets were banned from entering the hospital.