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After 15 years in the Land, Israeliís citizenship remains under assault

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  • After 15 years in the Land, Israeliís citizenship remains under assault

    When Richard and Carolyn Hyde of Heart of G-d Ministries made Aliyah to Israel in 2003, each was granted citizenship and issued an Israeli passport. Later, when the time arrived for the couple to renew their documents, the Israeli Ministry of Interior (MOI) routinely issued a 10-year passport to Richard, who is Christian, but declined to renew Carolynís, a Jewish follower of Yeshua.

    Since that time, with varying levels of intensity, the MOI has continued to challenge Carolynís right to Israeli citizenship based on her beliefs.

    The MOI, in concert with Orthodox Jewish factions in Israel, has a well-documented history of attempting to prevent Messianic Jews from making Aliyah to Israel and living unharassed in the Land.

    Here's more information on the topic of Messianic Jews encountering difficulty in Israel: How has the image of Messianic Jews in Israel changed in the last 37 years?

    Not a few Messianic Jews in Israel today have encountered discrimination and injustice from individuals in society, the media, or the government. For this article, Israeli newspaper articles from 1979 until 2016 were analyzed with the focus on the depiction of believers in the media. For this purpose, I read media reviews and newspaper clippings in the Caspari Center in Jerusalem. First of all, the struggle of identity needs to be mentioned. The question of ďWho is a Jew?Ē is a reoccurring theme throughout the years regarding different issues. Congregations usually do not publish an explicit number of their members; therefore only estimated number of believers in Israel is given here. However, the enormous discrepancy indicates that different sources bear different agendas in mind: Some sources claim a higher number in order to underline the threat Messianic Jews are posing toward Orthodox Judaism, for example; others name a lower amount with the purpose to diminish the importance, and even influence in society, of this minority group in the country.

    Messianic Jews Cannot Be Married as Jews in Israel, Rabbinical Court Rules

    An Israeli couple who are Messianic Jews cannot marry in a traditional Jewish religious ceremony in Israel because they are considered converts to Christianity, a rabbinical court ruled on Tuesday. (Aug of 2017)

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