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Boehner promptly removes conservatives from House financial committees

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    I want term limits!!!!!!!!!!!!

    rant over

    Take one and pass it on!


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      Originally posted by Wally View Post
      maybe BOSE
      great choice, Wally! BOSE would certainly do a better job than the current RINO...
      Now when these things begin to take place, look up and raise your heads, because your redemption is drawing near Luke21:28




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        Originally posted by Cloud Watcher View Post
        I was going to try to e-mail a conservative representative of another state but I can't get past the zip code screening tool. I'm stuck with liberal Dems here. I was going to suggest they vote out Boehner as Speaker. Could others of you do that in your states.
        I went on an email/telephone call frenzy with my senators and reps before Obamacare was thrust down our throats and the only thing I got in return was being added to their list for re-election robo calls. So be mindful of what website you use to contact these people.


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          I'm surprised. I had thought highly of Boehner. I thought he was standing firm on what was good for the country. I don't know what is going on anymore except that I don't recognize America as a God fearing nation anymore. It's upsetting but more and more I just accept it with sadness.


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            In loving memory of a once great Republican statesman.


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              I completely agree with you. It seems that both parties are run by the same type of people. That's why I have lost faith in our political system.

              Originally posted by araj54 View Post
              Please folks, don't be so naive. Once you reach a certain status in among the power elite you become part of them, or else. Period. Remember JFK and RFK? Enough said.

              If anyone can remember before Boehner became house speaker he was in the press rallying about something all the time. After he became SOTH, nary a peep, even throughout the election campaign.

              Anyone who has read any amount of history knows the elite at the top of any nations government play for keeps. It has been that way forever. The smoke and mirrors drivel wear are allowed to see to somewhat appease us is mainly the amateur hour show. The main event is only witnessed after the fact.