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A Strategy of Defeating Planned Parenthood!

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  • A Strategy of Defeating Planned Parenthood!

    I think it is clear to most logical people that Planned Parenthood is a great evil in our society! If anyone disagrees, just look into the roots of the organization and you'll find a very wicked woman named Margaret Sanger who pushed abortion as a way of "getting rid of the weeds in the garden"...or otherwise killing off the Blacks and other undesirables in the human family. But first the agenda needed the likes of Darwin and others that proliferated damnable heresies that de-humanized people making the way for the Holocaust and African Slave Trade and any genocide we've seen in our world.

    Many see Planned Parenthood as a virtuous place that offers needed health services. Some even believe that Planned Parenthood offers those "phantom mammograms". That has been one in their parade of lies perpetrated on a gullible public. Exposing Planned Parenthood has been very effective in changing the hearts and minds of people that have been fooled by the fancy glossy campaigns they put forth and all the celebrity and political heavy weights that endorse them.

    Christians must do more to bring this vile entity down and destroy the myth of it being good for women. Planned Parenthood degrades women and makes millions of dollars on the slaughter of the fruit of the womb. We must get righteously indignant that this is going on and being paid for with our tax dollars. This is not okay! The Catholics have been brave warriors in the fight to bring down Planned Parenthood. They stand in front of those vile clinics with signs and pray. The Evangelicals are not as vocal and visible in this war unfortunately.

    Due to the vigilant work of many Catholics, people like Abby Johnson, former Planned Parenthood Executive and the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, one of the most prominent Abortionists ever who calculated that he had slaughtered at least 75,000 babies in the womb during his tenure as a top Abortionist before surrendering his life to the Lord and repenting of his horrific career. It was loving Catholics that stood outside of the Planned Parenthood where Abby Johnson worked that knew her by name and told her that they loved her and were praying for her; and when she had her moment of clarity and became undone after witnessing a brutal abortion of a little boy via ultrasound; she ran into the arms of these loving people who came along side of her and offered her the compassion she needed. As well as Dr. Bernard Nathanson, it was a Priest that came along side of him when he became keenly aware of what he had been doing and became so despondent that he was suicidal.

    All that to say, is that we Evangelicals need to do more in this War against Life! Abby Johnson revealed that standing in front of Abortion Clinics is extremely effective because it sends a clear message that what's going on inside of that place is immoral. She said, afterall you don't see any groups standing and praying in front of dentist offices do you? And she went on further to say that everytime she saw those people out there, it pierced her heart and convicted her. We must pray against the Abortion Mills in our communities! Do you know where the Abortion Mills are in your community? Do you know the names of the Abortionists in your community? Find out and call them out by name in prayer. Support your local Community Pregnancy Center (some are called Crisis Pregnancy Centers), who speak life into a woman's situation and not death. And Abby Johnson's Ministry called "And Then There Were None" is a wonderful outreach for Abortion Workers, often forgotten but non the less broken and tormented people trapped in a filthy and disgusting line of work. Her ministry helps them leave the Abortion Industry and comes along side of them with love and provisions. She has been called to something new the Lord is doing and is very effective in bringing down the edifice of abortion one person at a time. Look into her ministry and support her along with others that are on the front lines of this war.

    Some good resources to look into are:

    180 Movie by Ray Comfort

    Maafa21 Documentary

    Abby Johnson's book "Unplanned"

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      I wish everyone considering an abortion could see the 18 week ultrasound pics of my new grandson I saw last week.
      He looks like he's staring into the 'camera' with eyes wide open saying I am...just waiting to see you.
      Every part of his little body is clearly recognizable. Beautiful profile, big hands and feet. I totally started crying for the lives that are ended before they have a chance to live.
      God have mercy on us as a people that allow this atrocity.

      Gramma to many...
      I know the Lord is always with me. I will not be shaken because He is right beside me. Ps. 16:8


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        I agree with the op. It especially breaks my heart that PP gets a penny of taxpayer money.