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Romney allegedly assaulted a "presumed" sodomite while in high school

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    No surprise at all. I bet they were in the white house deliberating on how to take a stand on gay marriage one way or the other and still save face. What better way than to say you are for it and then play to the PC crowd and bring up old news on Romney...when I was in school gays were always made fun of mocked and the like, not that it was right but it was a secular public school and it was the norm. So what!!!
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      Originally posted by Wally View Post
      Romney's response: At least I had a past where people remember me.
      That's for sure


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        Looks like this is backfiring big-time for Comrade Obama & Co. The guy who was supposedly attacked in this case has been deceased for 8 years, and his sisters have spoken out and said they are not aware of any such attack. And to quote from the article, they are upset and "aggrieved that John would be used to further a political agenda". It's about 3/4 of the way down in the article. I've never posted a link before, I hope it's ok

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          Originally posted by IMSAVED View Post
          I think that this is going to be a nasty election.We are going to see alot of character assault.
          And you can bet it'll all be from the left.


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            Originally posted by ThePenguin View Post
            And you can bet it'll all be from the left.
            I think the superpacs will be swinging on both sides; should keep our political forum heated up.

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              Now that the left has made people start rethinking certain things, do we have another clue about how Barry "The Snowman" Soetoro got his spending money? That's a really good reason for someone in HIGH places to seal their past.

              Barry will get a pass because his progressive, liberal kool aid posse is more prone to using drugs, particularly the harder ones.

              Scary: Is Barry the new poster boy for "your brain on drugs?"


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                I love you, Buzz!!!!!!

                Originally posted by Buzzardhut View Post
                The liberal left keeps tossing stones but they backfire smashing their glass houses.

                Yep, the liberal's messiah was taking and selling drugs while bullying women.

                I don't want that illegal sicko occupying my White House any longer.
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                  If this is the type of stuff Team Obama is putting out now, it really makes me wonder what they're hanging onto for the October Surprise.

                  I just can't wait for this election to be over. It seem each one sequentially gets nastier and nastier. With the amount of $$$ Obama is filling his campaign coffers with, I expect to be bombarded with a ton of foul, mean-spirited advertisements unlike we've seen in previous elections.

                  Finally, and I've said it before, I have a gut feeling that this election is going to hinge on some sort of Supreme Court ruling, like in the 2000 election. I think the amount of money being used to wage this election might have a lot to do with that gut feeling.


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                    It's not that I care for either of these candidates, but...the past 10 years are far more indicitive of a person's character than a time period far longer back than that. Many people do stupid stuff in their teen years, myself among the top 10%.

                    I can look at the past 10 years of Owebama's life and see a life full of pride, sin, self-centeredness with a vision for the United States of America that our founding fathers never wanted. His is a life influenced by an apostate pastor and people who worship a 'god' made of stone. This is his recent history. Looking at this, how can anyone thinking clearly focus on an issue that happened 40+ years ago?

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             really makes me wonder what they're hanging onto for the October Surprise.
                      A surprise attack on Iran?

                      Some folks have mentioned this could be why O keeps holding Netenyahu at bay .... he wants to take credit for "keeping the world safe" thus ensuring his reelection.


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                        So is going all the way back to Romney's high school escapades the best the liberals can do? I bet they are going to have a major struggle trying to get dirt on him. Mormons are squeaky clean when it comes to behavioral issues in life.

                        Hey, I'm just going to pop some corn in the microwave, sit back, and watch the show because it's going to turn into a 3 ring circus with the drive-by media desperately trying to sift out kernels of dirt on Romney.


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                          Romney allegedly assaulted a "presumed" sodomite...
                          Well, at least we can be glad no one has ever presumed Romney himself to be a sodomite. In today's strange world of politics that's sayin' something.