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  • More on Obama from Sandy Rios

    Mods, I am not sure which subform to post this on. This was my best guess.

    I was listening to an interview with Sandy Rios on a program today on the radio (not her show though) about an article she wrote on Barak Obama. She is from Chicago and was interviewing him long before he came into the national spotlight and had a lot of information on those in his administration and those who have had influence over him. It was pretty interesting and I highly encourage listening to the interview over the article if you had to choose only one. It was honestly both a blessing to have knowlege and extremely creepy. How can one call the author of Sex Rebel (speaking of Frank Marshall Davis),who was sexually perverted, a mentor and have a White House communications director who thinks that Mao Zedung, who killed more people than Stalin and Hitler, as her hero? Come on, America!

    Anyway, the radio archive would be here from today (4/24):

    and her articles are on (which is not on the "list"):