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Over 1000 offenses Obama commits against America

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    The key to my anger against him is the way he seems to believe that all his thoughts are superior to others. He says he has a mandate from the people because he was elected (not withstanding the fraudulant voting practices of Acorn and others in the election) and he is doing the people's will....I never heard of anything about turning Socialist in his campaign...or about changing Nuke policy...or about abandoning our allies for years......had America known he was going to do all this, I doubt he would have been elected.

    He is making decisions that will very possibly destroy this country and beleieves that all the collective wisdom of the administrations before him (yes Republican and Democrat)...the foresight of the Founding Fathers and, yes....the guidance of God is not as important as his present day wisdom....he flaunts the Constitution.......spits on the sacrifices of past generations and...lies to the American People constantly because he thinks the end justifies the means.

    NOW, if he does these things truely believing that he is right and what he will do is the best course for a nation then he is a misguided indiividual with serious personality disorders...if he knows (as many suspect) that what he is doing is bringing down the country...then, simply, he is a traitor OR if not born in this country as some believe...a spy.

    God Bless and Protect You All


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      1. He is moving away from our Constitution which has been a foundation of our gov't for over 200 yrs.

      2. He is for abortion.

      3 He is for a distribution of wealth. (Other people's money, not his or Biden for that matter. Both had very low charity contributions)

      4. He has preached his version of the Bible at campaign stops to mislead the people.

      5. He is working to split Jerusalem.

      6. Many of the promises he made on his campaign have been changed. He's not honest. It started with his campaign finance pledge that he recanted even before the election.

      7. As seen by the polls, he is ignoring the will of the American people to continue with his agenda rather than the will of the people.

      8.He and his administration/minions threaten or denigrate those who do not agree with his position.

      9. He has failed to acknowledge that the US is the most generous nation on earth when disaster strikes anywhere.

      10. He has failed to honor our heritage and soldiers who have died to make this country great. He apologizes for what he perceives as arrogance.


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        Ron, that letter was a great find! Gideon, HeIsEnough, I agree with every word you said!! And great posts from the rest of you!!

        I applaud your efforts to "sum up" why Obama is so disastrous to this nation!!!!!!!!!! (even though it's heartbreaking & overwhelming to read all of it summed-up like that)


        (If you want to read what Obama REALLY thinks of white people, go read, "Dreams From My Father" -- racism is spewed in every other page, his early Marxist roots are revealed, etc., etc.)


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          Originally posted by The Liquidator View Post
          I perceive a very negative opinion of Obama on this board.
          sorry, not trying to be insulting in any way liquidator, but ya don't say? This is not exactly a fan club for Obama. Now, if he were to get saved? If he were to stand up against the evil and tyranny that has infected the society of the United States? Things would change on this board very quickly.

          He thinks he is some kind of super-hero. He may think he is a force for good. But I perceive him as a misguided, narcissist who loves the lime-light and loves all things about himself. Here's a few things he and his administration have done that make me vomit in my mouth a little bit every time I think about it.

          - Once said he was a Christian, but shuns all things Christian.
          a.He is an ally of the Homosexual community and champions their struggle to defile marriage and gain rights that for all intent and purposes they have always had in the U.S.!
          b. He is a pro-abortion. He even once said in a speech if his daughter got pregnant as a teen he wouldn't want her "punished with a baby" No mention or support of telling his daughter to obstain from sleeping around. (Because liberals don't believe in abstinence or personal governance on such matters) His shiney new healthcare bill will one day make it easier for promiscuous teens and adults of all ages to sacrifice their kids on the alter of convenience.
          c.Will not speak with any Biblical morality and won't even allow anything symbol remotely Christian around him. Not a speech or anywhere. When he spoke at notre dame they made sure and removed all Christian references near his majesty's podium

          - Says he's not a muslim however he schmoozes up to them in speeches and in actions. Was raised by muslims as a muslim. He addresses them in foreign countries in their native tongue and actively promotes legislation to win their approval.

          - He is hostile towards Israel. He scolds Israel for building housing in their own nation. That really says it all. He proposes to divide Jerusalem and he supports the Palestinians who are terrorists and never had a nation. EVER. NADA. NOTHING. The idea of a "Palestine" is a contemporary one. Israel however is an Ancient nation that has existed since 1000 A.D. They built Jerusalem. They had their own temple on the mount. It is theirs. Period. And lets not forget, God promises that anyone who curses Israel will be cursed. When Obama or any other President goes up against sovereignty of Israel or seeks to divide its land, they are against the word of God. I know that doesn't scare Obama or his atheistic zombies who love him like Bill Maher. But just wait and see. It won't go well for them or the citizens of this nation who actually elected this lemon!

          - He bows before world leaders. He's the only US President in my lifetime that actually bows before other leaders. He bowed before that no good oil bandit who runs saudi Arabia. He was even caught on tape bowing before a local mayor if I'm not mistaken. Oh he won't listen to millions of people who hated his healthcare proposals, but he bows and shows reverence to rich, pathetic, fellow narcissists.

          - He's completely paralyzed from the waist down when it comes to foreign dictators who are hostile to our nation and our allies (if we have any these days) Iran does what it wants. N. Korea does what it wants. Venezuala does what it wants. If they decide to start a war, good luck counting on the US to act. Obama doesn't care. Iran will get nukes. N. Korea has them and will probly use them. We've been down this road in history before. Evil prospers when good men do nothing. Well we're not doing jack and well, the world will one day find itself once again at the mercy of some dictator if things continue. Maybe some other nation will elect a real leader who actually confronts evil. Perhaps America's days of championing freedom are over?

          - He's a Socialist/Communist. These are not just buzz words. They are not used as "fear tactics" that's what he is. A pathetic Communist who has consolidated the Auto industry, and banking industry under the government and let's not forget healthcare now. This never works. It's not like Robin Hood. They don't rob from the rich and give to the poor. They tax, tax, tax and when they get bored, they tax more. Socialism means bend over. I hate to be crass, but the middle class will be heavily raped by Socialism and big brother Communism in the US.

          - While the US suffers massive job loss not seen in several decades, he goes and overseas and campaigns for olympic events. He made all these pie in the sky promises that the zombie electorate guzzled down in this country yet our job situation or any hope for a real career or future in America is dying. We don't make anything. Manufacturing has been stripped in the US. We don't mine for resources anymore, we don't grow much of our own food any more. We are primarily a consumer nation but the job situation stinks so bad, we really can't even say that anymore.

          -We're broke, busted and Disgusted. We are quadruple supercalifragilistic uber in debt. 13+ trillion in debt. Wait, 5 seconds went by, We're now 14+ trillion in debt, wait 15+....ah forget it. You'd have to sell at least 5 planets in the solar system to get us out of debt we're so broke. What does his majesty do, pass a massive healthcare bill that will stink! Badly. The US government can't even run the Postal Service, now they run healthcare. Great. Check with us in 20 years, see how our "cheaper, better, and more available" healthcare is working out.

          - Immigration - please. Amnesty is coming. Bet on it. No I'm not rascist. No I'm not anti-immigration. I'm actually pro-immigration. But only if it's done right. New citizens should swear allegiance to our nation and prove they want to be here and help us prosper. but nooooooooooooo, we just open up our borders to any ol' two bit terrorist who wants to have a good ol' jihad jamboree. Pathetic. This is not 1880. The world has over 6 Billion people. Nations must protect their borders and they must be careful who they let in. But that is just not possible when you have a narcissistic, delusional global communist in office who fundamentally hates the country where he has prospered his whole life.


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            A simple summary so far.............. A trader to the (citizens) of America.


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              Hey Kaleb, why don't you tell us what you really think.

              Kidding aside, you have said it better than I could. And as good as your list is it just scratches the surface of what this radical, narcicistic, muslim, comunist, socialist, Chicago machine politician, and out of control refugee from the rubber room president could do to this country and the world if he isn't stopped; and soon.


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                With all this said, either Obama is extremely ignorant of what the people of this country want, or he is very shrewd. He is stripping us of all rights and putting us in physical danger. He has surrounded himself with liars and thieves who will stop at nothing to get what they want. And they think it's funny. They laugh at us and make fun of us and even set us up to look bad. He's controlling the media now and trying to remove our free speech. We have a dictator problem now and yet, we do nothing. Isn't there something we can do to stop this craziness?
                1 Thessalonians 5:4 (New International Version)

                4But you, brothers, are not in darkness so that this day should surprise you like a thief.


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                  Originally posted by Gideon300 View Post
                  1. He supports and upholds infanticide!
                  Can you provide some supporting evidence for this?


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                    Originally posted by The Liquidator View Post
                    Can you provide some supporting evidence for this?
                    Google - "obama abortion stance" without the quotes (we don't want to focus too much on any one issue in this thread).
                    Come soon Lord Jesus - Take us Safely Home

                    John 3:16 For God so loved the world, that he gave his only begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in him should not perish, but have everlasting life.

                    Psalm 19:14 Let the words of my mouth, and the meditation of my heart, be acceptable in thy sight, O LORD, my strength, and my redeemer.


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                      Originally posted by The Liquidator View Post
                      Originally posted by Nightelf View Post
                      Well I'm not American either, so I don't know the issues as intimately as others here. But some off the top of my head are:

                      1. Making Abortion more accessible

                      2. Over-ruling the Constitution to ram what he wants down the throats of the people

                      3. Refusing to produce a Birth Certificate and taking extreme lengths to hide it... he's a law breaker, to say the least.

                      4. Mocking the Bible, the Christian faith, and bullying Israel while reaching out to the Muslims.

                      That's just a starter list.......
                      Thanks, that's good info. I think #1 and #4 are the key issues for me.
                      #2 may not mean much to you as a "non-American", but they are very important down the road outside America.
                      He doesn't care about the constitution of the country he is president of or the fact that he has to lie and cheat to "get around it" - how much more will he support and defend many other political criminals across the world?
                      How about his footsie with dangerous power hungry maniacs such as Putin? Chavez? Ahmadinejad?

                      How about every time Israel fluffs a pillow or butters some toast he screams foul, yet when the enemies throw bombs at Israel it is because they just need a cuddle?
                      I would rather be a doorkeeper in the house of my God than dwell in the tents of the wicked.
                      For the LORD God is a sun and shield; the LORD bestows favor and honor;
                      no good thing does He withhold from those whose walk is blameless.

                      Psalm 84:10-11


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                        This is rather long but, since he has been in office this is alist compilled of all the spending this guy has done on non sense with our tax dollars and on top of being the most extremist, radical President in the history of the United States....!!!!

                        'Waste 102': The Final ListThe 102 worst ways the government is spending your tax dollars:

                        102: Protecting a Michigan insect collection from other insects ($187,632)

                        101: Highway beautified by fish art in Washington ($10,000)

                        100: University studying hookup behavior of female college coeds in New York ($219,000)

                        99: Police department getting 92 blackberries for supervisors in Rhode Island ($95,000)

                        98: Upgrades to seldom-used river cruise boat in Oklahoma ($1.8 million)

                        97: Precast concrete toilet buildings for Mark Twain National Forest in Montana ($462,000)

                        96: University studying whether mice become disoriented when they consume alcohol in Florida ($8,408)

                        95: Foreign bus wheel polishers for California ($259,000)

                        94: Recovering crab pots lost at sea in Oregon ($700,000)

                        93: Developing a program to develop "machine-generated humor" in Illinois ($712,883)

                        92: Colorado museum where stimulus was signed (and already has $90 million in the bank) gets geothermal stimulus grant ($2.6 million)

                        91: Grant to the Maine Indian Basketmakers Alliance to support the traditional arts apprenticeship program, gathering and festival ($30,000)

                        90: Studying methamphetamines and the female rat sex drive in Maryland ($30,000)

                        89: Studying mating decisions of cactus bugs in Florida ($325,394)

                        88: Studying why deleting a gene can create sex reversal in people, but not in mice in Minnesota ($190,000)

                        87: College hires director for a project on genetic control of sensory hair cell membrane channels in zebrafish in California ($327,337)

                        86: New jumbo recycling bins with microchips embedded inside to track participation in Ohio ($500,000)

                        85: Oregon Federal Building's "green" renovation at nearly the price of a brand new building ($133 million)

                        84: Massachusetts middle school getting money to build a solar array on its roof ($150,000)

                        83: Road widening that could have been millions of dollars cheaper if Lousiana hadn't opted to replace a bridge that may not have needed replacing ($60 million)

                        82: Cleanup effort of a Washington nuclear waste site that already got $12 billion from the DOE ($1.9 billion)

                        81: Six woodlands water taxis getting a new home in Texas ($750,000)

                        80: Maryland group gets money to develop "real life" stories that underscore job and infrastructure-related research findings ($363,760)

                        79: Studying social networks like Facebook in North Carolina ($498,000)

                        78:18 North Carolina teacher coaches to heighten math and reading performance ($4.4 million)

                        77: Retrofitting light switches with motion sensors for one company in Arizona ($800,000)

                        76: Removing graffiti along 100 miles of flood-control ditches in California ($837,000)

                        75: Bicycle lanes, shared lane signs and bike racks in Pennsylvania ($105,000)

                        74: Privately-owned steakhouse rehabilitating its restaurant space in Missouri ($75,000)

                        73: National dinner cruise boat company in Illinois outfitting vessels with surveillance systems to protect against terrorists ($1 million)

                        72: Producing and transporting peanuts and peanut butter in North Carolina ($900,000)

                        71: Refurnishing and delivering picnic tables in Iowa ($30,000)

                        70: Digital television converter box coupon program in D.C. ($650 million)

                        69: Elevating and relocating 3,000 feet of track for the Napa Valley Wine Train in California ($54 million)

                        68: Hosting events for Earth Day, the summer solstice etc. in Minnesota ($50,000)

                        67: Expanding ocean aquaculture in Hawaii ($99,960)

                        66: Raising railroad tracks 18 inches in Oregon because the residents of one small town were tired of taking a detour around them ($4.2 million)

                        65: Professors and employees of Iowa state universities voluntarily taking early retirement ($43 million)

                        64: Minnesota theatre named after Che Guevara putting on "socially conscious" puppet shows ($25,000)

                        63: Replacing a basketball court lighting system with a more energy efficient one in Arizona ($20,000)

                        62: Repainting and adding a security camera to one bridge in Oregon ($3.5 million)

                        61: Missouri bridge project that already was full-funded with state money ($8 million)

                        60: New hospital parking garage in New York that will employ less people ($19.5 million)

                        59: University in North Carolina studying why adults with ADHD smoke more ($400,000)

                        58: Low-income housing residents in one Minnesota city receiving free laptops, WiFi and iPod Touches to "educate" them in technology ($5 million)

                        57: University in California sending students to Africa to study why Africans vote they the way they do in their elections ($200,000)

                        56: Researching the impact of air pollution combined with a high-fat diet on obesity development in Ohio ($225,000)

                        55: Studying how male and female birds care for their offspring and how it compares to how humans care for their children in Oklahoma ($90,000)

                        54: University in Pennsylvania researching fossils in Argentina (over $1 million)

                        53: University in Tennessee studying how black holes form (over $1 million)

                        52: University in Oklahoma sending 3 researchers to Alaska to study grandparents and how they pass on knowledge to younger generations ($1.5 million)

                        51: Grant application from a Pennsylvania university for a researcher named in the Climate-gate scandal (Rep. Darrell Issa is calling on the president to freeze the grant) ($500,000)

                        50: Studying the impact of global warming on wildflowers in a Colorado ghost town ($500,000)

                        49: Bridge built over railroad crossing so 168 Nebraska town residents don't have to wait for the trains to pass ($7 million)

                        48: Renovating an old hotel into a visitors center in Kentucky ($300,000)

                        47: Removing overgrown weeds in a Rhode Island park ($250,000)

                        46: Renovating 5 seldom-used ports of entry on the U.S.-Canada border in Montana ($77 million)

                        45: Testing how to control private home appliances in Martha's Vineyard, Massachusetts from an off-site computer ($800,000)

                        44: Repainting a rarely-used bridge in North Carolina ($3.1 million)

                        43: Renovating a desolate Wisconsin bridge that averages 10 cars a day ($426,000)

                        42: 4 new buses for New Hampshire ($2 million)

                        41: Repaving a 1-mile stretch of Atlanta road that had parts of it already repaved in 2007 ($490,000)

                        40: Florida beauty school tuition ($2.3 million)

                        39: Extending a bike path to the Minnesota Twins stadium ($500,000)

                        38: Beautification of Los Angeles' Sunset Boulevard ($1.1 million)

                        37: Colorado Dragon Boat Festival ($10,000)

                        36: Developing the next generation of supersonic corporate jets in Maryland that could cost $80 million dollars each ($4.7 million)

                        35: New spring training facilities for the Arizona Diamondbacks and Colorado Rockies ($30 million)

                        34: Demolishing 35 old laboratories in New Mexico ($212 million)

                        33: Putting free WiFi, Internet kiosks and interactive history lessons in 2 Texas rest stops ($13.8 million)

                        32: Replacing a single boat motor on a government boat in D.C. ($10,500)

                        31: Developing the next generation of football gloves in Pennsylvania ($150,000)

                        30: Pedestrian bridge to nowhere in West Virginia ($80,000)

                        29: Replacing all signage on 5 miles of road in Rhode Island ($4,403,205)

                        28: Installing a geothermal energy system to heat the "incredible shrinking mall" in Tennessee ($5 million)

                        27: University in Minnesota studying how to get the homeless to stop smoking ($230,000)

                        26: Large woody habitat rehabilitation project in Wisconsin ($16,800)

                        25: Replacing escalators in the parking garage of one D.C. metro station ($4.3 million)

                        24: Building an airstrip in a community most Alaskans have never even heard of ($14,707,949)

                        23: Bike and pedestrian paths connecting Camden, N.J. to Philadelphia, Penn. when there's already a bridge that connects them ($23 million)

                        22: Sending 10 university undergrads each year from North Carolina to Costa Rica to study the rainforests ($564,000)

                        21: Road signs touting stimulus funds at work in Ohio ($1 million)

                        20: Researching how paying attention improves performance of difficult tasks in Connecticut ($850,000)

                        19: Kentucky Transportation Department awarding contracts to companies associated with a road contractor accused of bribing the previous state transportation secretary ($24 million)

                        18: Amtrak losing $32 per passenger nationally but rewarded with windfall ($1.3 billion)

                        17: Widening an Arizona interstate even though the company that won the contract has a history of tax fraud and pollution ($21.8 million)

                        16: Replace existing dumbwaiters in New York ($351,807)

                        15: Deer underpass in Wyoming ($1,239,693)

                        14: Arizona universities examining the division of labor in ant colonies (combined $950,000)

                        13: Fire station without firefighters in Nevada ($2 million)

                        12: "Clown" theatrical production in Pennsylvania ($25,000)

                        11: Maryland town gets money but doesn't know what to do with it ($25,000)

                        10: Investing in nation-wide wind power (but majority of money has gone to foreign companies) ($2 billion)

                        9: Resurfacing a tennis court in Montana ($50,000)

                        8: University in Indiana studying why young men do not like to wear condoms ($221,355)

                        7: Funds for Massachusetts roadway construction to companies that have defrauded taxpayers, polluted the environment and have paid tens of thousands of dollars in fines for violating workplace safety laws (millions)

                        6: Sending 11 students and 4 teachers from an Arkansas university to the U.N. climate change convention in Copenhagen, using almost 54,000 lbs of carbon dioxide from air travel alone ($50,000)

                        5: Storytelling festival in Utah ($15,000)

                        4: Door mats to the Department of the Army in Texas ($14,675)

                        3: University in New York researching young adults who drink malt liquor and smoke pot ($389,357)

                        2: Solar panels for climbing gym in Colorado ($157,800)

                        1: Grant for one Massachusetts university for "robobees" (miniature flying robot bees) ($2 million)


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                          "You have made a Faustian bargain with a suave Mephistophelian who offers hope and change but delivers instead inevitable suffering and a violated people."

                          Couldn't have said it any better.


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                            He wants to be president of the world. The U.S. is but a step to get where he wants. He couldn't care less about us. He has put us trillions dollars in debt that we will never recover from. There is not good about this president.


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                              He's also run up our national debt so high it probably will never be paid off, and has compromised our nation's security with his policies.

                              On the positive side, he speaks well, is attractive and has an attractive family and a nice deep voice. So, I guess all is not lost.


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                                Originally posted by im4jesus View Post
                                He's also run up our national debt so high it probably will never be paid off, and has compromised our nation's security with his policies.
                                We're so broke, if we stopped spending on a dime, we'd probly owe it to someone.