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My position on the drug war

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  • My position on the drug war

    My own personal take on the "Drug war:" As of right now, it's not working.

    Those who know me personally know full well that I have never been intoxicated in my entire life. Not once. I didn't even have my first drink of alcohol until my fiftieth birthday. I do not seek license to do what I otherwise would not.

    Nor am I in favor of blanket "legalization," especially by judicial fiat. The purpose of the law is to define the limits of acceptable behavior within a society, and different communities should have the freedom to draw different lines. What happens in Vegas may not play in Peoria...and vice versa. So I believe that states and communities should have and should exercise the power to draw the lines in order to protect their citizens as they see fit. We can all watch and see what works...and move to and do our business in those jurisdictions where things work better. For that to happen, the current overarching Federal role must end.

    With one exception: Interstate commerce and border control is and always shall be properly under the purview of the Federal government. So intoxicants bound for jurisdictions in which their use is legal need to be admitted through ports of entry...PROVIDED that they are properly declared, inspected, and manifested while in transit. Violate those Federal laws and you really do need to be looking at a minimum of twenty years. If someone dies as a result of using the intoxicants you smuggled, you need to swing by the neck until you are dead, dead, dead. If you happen to be outside of the United States, better keep a look out over your shoulder for Force Recon and the Navy SEALs....

    Eric H. Bowen 2018-09-21
    --------Eric H. Bowen

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