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Shocking case of Israeli believers targeted by efforts to revoke their citizenship

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  • Shocking case of Israeli believers targeted by efforts to revoke their citizenship

    Because of their religious beliefs, Ariel and Shayla Hyde, a young married couple from Haifa, are two among many in Israel and abroad who find themselves targets of what amounts to a discrimination campaign by Israelís Ministry of Interior (MOI) to protect the nation from Messianic Jews.

    Arielís parents, Richard and Carolyn Hyde, are also longtime targets of a religiously motivated quest by the Ministry of Interior to deport them, and more recently, Arielís brother, Avi, and his wife, Liora.

    Historically controlled by Shas, a small, ultra-Orthodox Jewish religious political party in Israel, but one which wields much power, the MOI regularly employs arbitrary administrative bullying and quasi-legal maneuvering to obstruct aliyah (immigration to Israel) and deny citizenship to those who do not share their rabbinically held beliefs. In some cases, they also attempt to revoke the existing legal citizen status of family members of those targeted, although, up until now, unsuccessfully.
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    That is just weird since Israel accepts financial and material aid from many Messianic Jewish organizations here in the US, and I assume other nations as well...
    this just doesn't make sense (I didn't read the article so maybe I missed something really important.)
    God help Israel if they are turning away Messianic Jews, and possibly future aid...
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      Kehila News, which is a Messianic Jew news service, reports frequently on problems/persecution that Messianic Jews experience in Israel. It is a shame, but then I guess Israel won't come to National repentance until the very end of the Tribulation period.
      Tall Timbers, Imperfect but forgiven

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