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Separation of Families at the Border

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    Originally posted by Hisway View Post
    We absolutely cannot allow an open border. Build the wall. Send all the illeagals back where they came from. Parents with their children. But, there is a huge humanitarian issue in Mexico that we cannot solve. If the people try to rise up, they are just simply eliminated by the cartels. I'm just pointing out the reason why we are having this conversation. Maybe by blocking the escape route will trigger some incredible movement of the Mexican people and their government to take back their land. The best thing we can do is pray that God will intervene.
    Not just in Mexico, but pretty much all of Central and South America with maybe a couple of exceptions. There's not a lot of middle class south of the border... most people are stuggling while the rich exploit them collectively to help ensure they stay wealthy. Those best off in Latin America are poor farmers who have land they can grow food on. They're dirt poor but life is simple and can be good.
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      All nation-states have immigration laws and enforce their laws and we are not allowed to follow the world community in this area???? The penalty for illegal immigration in some nations is quite severe and yet we are painted as being barbaric...The whole of Central and South America cannot move here...we will cease to exist as a first world nation!!! What is really despicable is that the Democrats want them here for their votes...if these folks were to vote Republican the Democrats would be screaming from the rafters. So in essence these folks are nothing more than pawns in an ideologic struggle of epic proportions...and in the meantime they die in the desert crossing the shameful on the part of the Democrats...


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        Originally posted by Tall Timbers View Post
        Build the Wall! A good Wall should make the problem a lot smaller than it is today. Separating kids from adults while processing is the way things have been done across multiple administrations, the Dems are just using it to try and turn people against President Trump. People illegally crossing our borders are committing a crime.

        It is sad andunfortunate that the people coming here aren't staying together with their children in their home countries, and if they would like to immigrate to the United States, there is a legal path to follow.
        Completely correct.

        Originally posted by Tall Timbers View Post
        I think that this is just the latest attack on our President by the left. The outrage we keep hearing about is part of the talking points to undermine our nation and our President. The left is pinning their hopes on this latest "outrage" and when it fails, and I hope it does, there will be something else to follow this. The attacks won't stop until the left is in power again, in a position where they can continue to lawlessly degrade and destroy our nation.
        Again correct. Until then, there is one propaganda drive after another.

        Originally posted by luvJC View Post
        Dark forces are working very hard to undermine our nation and bring about globalism and this is one avenue in which they accomplish this - erase borders, mix up the people bring people in from other nations so that the mindsets coming from those nations are not the same as what our nation stands for to ensure that globalists get elected and appointed to positions of power
        And you have hit the nail on the head, as to the motive behind the motive.