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Devin Nunes Threatens Sessions

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  • Devin Nunes Threatens Sessions

    I really think Sessions needs to go.

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    I liked him as a Senator. I'd like to see him leave his current post, go back to his state and run for a Senate seat again.
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      I'm not sure I want to see him even go back to the Senate. I have been absolutely shocked at how spineless he is. Sessions has allowed Rosenstein absolute power and he in turn has given absolute power to Mueller - between the both of them they're doing whatever they want and then thumbing their noses when they're served subpoenas from the Congress. The Founding Fathers gave us a system of checks and balances under the Constitution, but evidently everybody in the White House, Senate, and Congress is afraid to stand up to and challenge Rosenstein and Mueller or rein them in. Frankly, I think they should both be fired immediately because this never has been about Russia "collusion," it's always been about trapping President Trump and impeaching him. Thereby, overthrowing the will of The People who duly elected this POTUS. I don't believe any of the main characters in this fiasco - McCabe, Comey, Clinton, et al, will ever be prosecuted and brought to justice. Nothing happened to the IRS people who deliberately went after conservatives and Christians, and nothing is going to happen in this mess either. Yet again, the Democrats deny American citizens their constitutional rights, commit felony crimes, and walk away scot-free.


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        I have been so puzzled by Sessions. He was like the first major Republican figure to truly jump on the Trump bandwagon. Accepts the position of Attorney General...which he should not have done if he was going to recuse himself from the Russia issue!!! I have puzzled over whether it was all planned in advance...part of the Deep Swamp to take down Trump....or maybe he is older and maybe there are underlying medical issues and he is not himself????? Whatever the issue he needs to be relieved of his command.