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Bill to prevent Trump from firing Mueller

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  • Bill to prevent Trump from firing Mueller

    I am sure every one of you understand that there is no Russian collusion on the part of the Trump administration, but why there is collusion between Republicans and Democrats to introduce some type of a bill that would prohibit Trump from firing Mueller is not constitutional, since Trump has that power to do so as delegated under the constitution. Without Trump all of the corruption that is going on within our government would have been hidden from the public. From what I have been reading there is more collusion that has taken place between the Democrats and the Russians, especially referencing Uranium One, when U.S. uranium has gone to the Russians by a deal procured by Hillary when she was Secretary of State and Mueller was the head of the FBI at the time that deal was going down, now that is Russian collusion. Is it no wonder that Mueller will try any means at his disposal to keep this investigation going until the November elections, when it may be possible to impeach Trump and prevent investigation into Mueller's own actions.

    I do know that people that have information on the Russian side of the Uranium One dealings have already died.

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    This is all about the to-the-death attempt of the deep state (which is most of D.C.- both sides of the aisle), to save their hineys and preserve their insatiable thirst for control/power.
    Its going to be interesting to see how Sessions responds to being subpoenaed this week by the House since the DOJ totally ignored their letter to him demanding UN-redacted documents last week. They were totally ignored, so this week Devin Nunes says they have no choice but to subpoena him. I also see another Fed. judge (Trump appointed) is coming onboard with the premise made by Judge Ellis as to the REAL motive behind Mueller's witch hunt.

    Even if it means all proverbial hell breaks loose in this country, I pray God will expose the truth - whatever and wherever that takes us.


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      America is in a fight for her life. This just makes me sick what these people are willing to do to us for power.


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        This kind of stuff might illuminate why America is not mentioned in end times prophecies.