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Judicial Watch files Two Lawsuits

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  • Judicial Watch files Two Lawsuits

    Bruce Ohr, at the time of the dossier on Trump was the fourth ranked official at the Department of Justice and his wife Nellie Ohr worked at Fusion GPS, no confict of interest there, keep it all in the family, the Deep State family. Of course, any news from the Trump dossier would have been passed on from Nellie to her husband Bruce, and then from Bruce to the FBI, where Comey and McCabe could bring this up to the FISA court for permission to conduct and continue their investigation against Trump. What is Moeller pressing for, accept for more time when conditions are more favorable for the impeachment of Trump,especially at the midterm elections.

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    Makes me sick. The Dems couldn't be more crooked and yet they continue to get away with it.
    And if by grace, then it is no longer by works: if it were, grace would no longer be grace.
    Romans 11:6


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      Tall Timbers, Imperfect but forgiven

      3 trees


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        Originally posted by DMac View Post
        Makes me sick. The Dems couldn't be more crooked and yet they continue to get away with it.

        I found this to be a good source of information,be sure to hit read more which will give you more of the nitty and gritty of what is going on with this investigation.


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          Rosentein's wife represented William Clinton in a lawsuit, no conflict of interest there,huh!


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            WASHINGTON — Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein gave a resume to the Senate Judiciary Committee for his confirmation to be Deputy Attorney General. In that resume, provided under oath, he falsely stated the dates at which he worked for Ken Starr’s investigative legal team.

            Rosenstein testified to the Senate that he worked on Starr’s team beginning in 1995 and ending in 1997. Rosenstein said that he began working at the U.S. Attorney’s office in Maryland for the Clinton administration in the year 1997. However, records show that Rosenstein interviewed Hillary Clinton for Ken Starr in the Whitewater case on January 14, 1998.

            Rosenstein’s official interview with Hillary Clinton lasted fifteen minutes and cleared her of charges stemming from the seizing of FBI documents on the former Clinton White House travel director.

            Big problem: That official interview took place outside of the time period in which Rosenstein told the Senate he worked for Kenneth Starr’s team.

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            An Associated Press wire report on January 14, 1998 lists Rod Rosenstein as one of two “Whitewater prosecutors” present at Hillary Clinton’s interview on the FBI Travel Office scandal. Rosenstein was in charge of the “FBI Travel Office case,” in which it was alleged that the Bill Clinton White House seized FBI file documents on “former White House employees.” Rosenstein swept the matter under the rug, according to insiders, and then obscured any record of it on his Senate questionnaire to be Deputy Attorney General.



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              Rosenstein just seems like such a rat. I do NOT know why Sessions keeps him around. Hopefully he has a good reason.


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                Originally posted by MilkyWay View Post
                Rosenstein just seems like such a rat. I do NOT know why Sessions keeps him around. Hopefully he has a good reason.
                In another part of the article it says this,

                Big League Politics has learned that Attorney General Jeff Sessions personally wanted Rosenstein to be his No. 2 at the Department of Justice, and that White House counsel Don McGahn smoothed the matter over with President Donald Trump. Sessions has a relationship with Rosenstein through a well-connected Washington lawyer named Charles Cooper, who is a University of Alabama alum and who represents Sessions in the Russia case. Cooper interviewed Rosenstein when Sessions was considering making Rosenstein his number two, and Cooper signed off on Rosenstein. Cooper saw confidential Iran-Contra documents alongside other Reagan administration officials in a 1986 meeting at Old Ebbit Grill, a restaurant in the nation’s capital.

                Rosenstein is also a close personal friend of FBI director Christopher Wray.

                Jeff Sessions recused himself from the Russian collusion investigation, and it was then Rosenstein who appointed Mueller as the special prosecutor, the big question is why did Jeff Sessions recuse himself from the case? The jury is still out on that question.


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                  The PADAG call