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Rumblings in California, of a Political Nature that is

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  • Rumblings in California, of a Political Nature that is

    I know they are not even close but there is always a first step...

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    Aint'a gonna happen! They don't have the means to meet their claim. These last 30 years one fringe group or a another has been agitating to split the state.

    The problem is available potable water. Calipornia is notoriously bad at water managment. The highly populated areas of the state need water from the less populated areas. Southern Calipornia cities cannot survive without water from the northern Calipornia's mountatins. Since politics are one person, one vote;; the highly populated areas always get their way with water. Water is always part of the argument. This movement is no different. The population centers simply cannot and will not let their free access to rural water slip away.

    Besides, beyond the Christian community in this dark State, I don't finds any truly conservative Calipornians.



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      I think it is wishful thinking on their part...Probably will never come to fruition.


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        They will never leave the union but what they are doing is awful.........making criminals out of law abiding citizens, allowing illegals and even citizens to break federal and state laws, over taxing and over spending with reckless and ridiculous programs, corruption, and waste. That state is beautiful, has many great citizens, and lots to offer..........but the liberal agenda and sin is paralyzing and punishing the state and it's lawful citizenry.